Loewe becomes the first major luxury fashion house to consign with Sotheby’s Buy Now platform


@LOEWE Weaves

In collaboration with Sotheby’s, seven artist-embellished chestnut roasters featuring experimental weaving techniques by artists ARKO, Min Chen and Laia Arqueros from the LOEWE Weaves series are now available to purchase via the auction house’s online Buy Now marketplace.

Spanish luxury house Loewe has teamed with Sotheby’s auction house to showcase its commitment to craft through
the LOEWE Weaves project. The objects presented include artisan-embellished Galician chestnut roasters, bags
and accessories for a unique collection that resonates with artisanal craftsmanship.

“Craft is one of my main interests: one that I’ve made central to Loewe’s identity,” says Jonathan Anderson, Creative Director of the Spanish luxury house.

@LOEWE Weaves

Artist Arko for @LOEWE Weaves

Each project at Loewe is a way to explore a different aspect of craft.

LOEWE Weaves explores the art of weaving, which can be employed as decoration or to build a structure. The main
protagonist in the collection is a traditional handmade clay Chestnut roaster pot from Galicia. The holes punched – originally to allow the chestnuts to roast – have been re-appropriated by artists who experiment with different
weaving techniques.

From May 1-12, Sotheby’s exhibited a selection of handmade pots created by master potter Antonio Pereira and
reinterpreted by three artists: Arko (Japan), Min Chen (China) and Laia Arqueros (Spain). The works enjoyed an exceptional showcase in conjunction with Sotheby’s auctions of 20th and 21st century art. LOEWE Weaves pieces were sold at a fixed price on Sotheby’s Buy Now online marketplace. Loewe becomes the first major luxury fashion house to consign with the platform.

@LOEWE Weaves

Loewe also invited Spanish artisans Idoia Cuesta and Belen Martinez, as well as artisans from Loewe’s own
ateliers, to experiment with over 80 chestnut roasters, giving free rein to their imaginations. Faithful to the myriad expressions of the art of weaving the artisans twisted and turned the function of the objects. The holes in the traditional roasters are braided or passed through with ribbons, leather strings, wool threads, straw or feathers, taking on new life. Some artists chose to glaze or paint the surface, while others left the clay untouched. Each piece recounts a singular story, rewiring the initial function by playfully welcoming abstraction. Many of the materials that embellish the LOEWE Weaves roasters are surplus from past Loewe collections. Reuse of excess materials to give them a new and vibrant life perfectly embodies the ethos of the Maison as summed up by Jonathan Anderson: “Authentic craft, for me, is sustainable.”

LOEWE Weaves includes a collection of revisited iconic bags and accessories. The Balloon bag is animated with a
garland of flowers crafted from leather offcuts, while the Elephant bag is featured in woven raffia.

“Across this whole project, I hope that what comes through is the liveliness and expansiveness of contemporary craft, as well as its playfulness. I am proud we have created singular objects that rewire function through decoration, and the other way round,” concludes Jonathan Anderson.

@LOEWE Weaves

Min Chen (China) for @LOEWE Weaves