Collaborations on sustainable projects – the best way not to waste this richness of the world

@Moroso x @Carmina Campus; Cumini Redondo / photo @Giuliana De Luca

Moroso x Carmina Campus: Messenger bags made of sofa fabric scraps.

During Udine Design Week 2021, the iconic Redondo armchair by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso was on dispay at
Cumini Interiors together with Carmina Campus bags made of Moroso fabric leftovers.

Ilaria Venturini Fendi and Patrizia Moroso meet in a project that focusing on materials creates a relationship
between an object for living and one for wearing.

Small-sized leftovers from the beautiful quilted fabrics created by Moroso for the covers of its armchairs and sofas
become new raw materials for Carmina Campus bags.

Amazing lustrous velvets – cyclamen, bright blue, petrol green, acid green, smoky gray, also in warm shades like
rusty brown, beige, orange, plum -, striped cotton jerseys in pastel colors, electric blue and bright green, or canvases
in, gray, sand, dusty blue, become mini bags, squared shoulder bags, round messenger bags, double handle totes
and multifunctional backpacks. Moroso’s textile designs come out from their natural and fixed context within a living
space to acquire the dynamic mobile quality of a Carmina Campus bag.

First presented at UDINE design WEE 2021 in the shop window of CUMINI INTERIOS, a well-known international
design space visited by design lovers also coming from neighboring foreign countries, the project is to be continued
as a co-branded collaboration displayed at Carmina Campus in Rome and in other major fashion and design

Moroso Cumini Redondo photo @Giuliana De Luca

Ilaria Venturini Fendi has embraced the practice of reusing waste materials after many years of work in luxury
fashion where a new collection was always started from an idea later followed by the search for the materials best fit
for it. Reversing the process, for over fifteen years with her own brand she has been sourcing dismissed materials
no longer suitable for their original purpose but still good to become the inspiration for a new collection or project,
often developed in collaboration with other brands not belonging to fashion or the textile industry.

“I have been re-interpreting a great number of materials turning them into a bag or a design object. To switch the
focus on materials before the conceptual idea is developed can be seen as a limitation or even a challenge for a
designer, but it’s a good way to emphasize the importance of materials as a starting point for a more sustainable
production system, in which design identifies with uniqueness, beauty and sustainability”

Sofa bag made of reused upholstery scrap fabric; @Carmina Campus

Patrizia Moroso, Creative Director of one of the most prestigious and renowned Italian design brand, has a
conceptual approach to the product based not only on quality and aesthetics but also on its ability to be projected
into the future:

“The history of Moroso is made by the relationships with its designers, people who are trying to change the world for the better, with the cleverness and enthusiasm always boosting artists confronted by beauty. I ask them to imagine a world, not just an object, and put it in relation with the future”.

A vision in which durability and project planning are part of a sustainable approach. “Good production today for long durability tomorrow. Our idea of sustainability starts from the design project in which raw materials must be dealt with in a different way”.

In this kind of world, sharing and getting connected is a way to develop relations in which design and creativity
become the focus of contemporary culture.

“My dream is to convince people that design is something wonderful and that the diversity of the many things we
have in the world is our greatest richness. To make collaborations on sustainable projects is the best way not to
waste this richness”.

@Carmina Campus

Messenger bags made of sofa fabric scraps; @Carmina Campus