LiveRoof Hybrid Green Roofs

New green roof technologies.


In the photo above we can see the most horticulturally refined and technologically advanced green roof solution. The LiveRoof Hybrid Green Roof System by LiveRoof Global, the horticultural experts in the green roof industry, features subterranean modules, protected from the elements below a layer of plants and soil. This allows for a better looking green roof system, without any grid lines, and for better function. The green roof solution installed is a naturally functioning ecosystem with thriving, fully mature plants.

LiveRoof modules have inserts which raise the soil above the edge of the modules during cultivation. Once they are nested together on the rooftop, these “Soil Elevators” are removed for a meadow-like, continuous layer of growing media and plants.

“Just like nature, the LiveRoof system allows for the sharing, not the compartmentalization, of important life- supporting nutrients, as well as moisture and beneficial organisms,” said Dave MacKenzie, horticulturalist and president of LiveRoof Global, announcing an industry-first 50 Year module warranty for the LiveRoof Hybrid Green Roof System.

“Our customers select materials designed to last—to sustain—and with this new warranty, we are demonstrating our commitment to products that stand the test of time,” said the horticulturalist.