L’en-K de Caviar – a new way to enjoy caviar

L’en-K de Caviar – luxury, caviar and pleasure moments
L’en-K noir Kristal: A glass of champagne, a few grains of caviar and VIP lounge is Very Irresistible Pleasure
Maison Kaviari, the long-standing specialist in wild caviar based in Paris, has created an exceptional new way to enjoy caviar, a concept called enK de Caviar is a tin of 15 grams (€40.00) of osetra caviar or exatly 10 scoops. It comes with its own special caviar spoon. The tins are collectables and come in 5 different colours (en-K Black Osetra, en-K Sliver, en-K Gold, en-K Fuchsia Pink, en-K Indigo Blue Osciètre, en-K Apple Green).

Farmed in China, Kristal caviar comes from the Acipenser Schrencki sturgeon. Its large round and rolling grains have a golden-brown colour and release the smooth, mild flavour of delicate hazelnut.

For a fabulous tête-à-tête choose “Chic & Choc” Boxed Set Duo by Maison Kaviari and Maison Duval-Leroy. The original boxed set contains 2 En-K de caviar tins and 2 bottles of brut champagne. The black satin boxed set (€95.00) reflects the elegance of a unique and exquisite taste combination. When Kaviari Osetra Caviar meets Duval-Leroy Brut Champagne, the result is a particularly intense experience.