Joggobot: my jogging companion

Floyd Mueller and Eberhard Gräther from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology thought of all those runners who need support and especially a companion, be it robot. These two researchers created a kind of drone named Joggobot – a little flying machine that will accompany you during your workouts and will motivate you and help you to overcome loneliness.

Joggobot is still a research project from the Exertion Games Lab that explores how joggers will enjoy jogging with flying robots as companions in order to make the exercise activity more engaging, drawing from computer game ideas.

Joggobot flies in front of its owner at a predefined speed at the start of the race, the drone being able to detect its owner through onboard cameras that recognize the bar code present on the t-shirt of the jogger to follow. For now the Joggobot is only in tests, but this kind of device will certainly accompany the future joggers.