The art of tiaras: reveal in each woman a Princess

When you say tiara, you say Chaumet. More than 2,000 tiaras have been made by Chaumet since 1780 to reveal in each woman a Princess. To celebrate the grand renewal of Chaumet’s new Ginza Boutique, Chaumet exhibited mote than 20 signature tiara pieces, including the most recent creation – Josephine Aigrette.

“A meeting between past and present, the real and the imaginary, the love of a man for a woman, that of Napoleon for Josephine. A contemporary journey to the heart of the myth. I dreamed of the shape of a man’s hand. Embodiment of a man in love, feverishly seeking a ring as proof of his love. A jewel that will crown the hand of the one he loves forever,” Chaumet describes its artworks.

For 230 years, Chaumet artisan-jewellers manufacture jewels in the House’s workshop at Place Vendome, Paris. These highly trained craftsmen design, cut and set stones for thousands of hours to create precious, unique jewels. Here are some of these sublime High Jewellery pieces, once born from a simple idea or drawing.