Is Time Running Out for Wrist Watches?


MB&F watch 2018

photo: MB&F

Technology is moving fast, and it’s taking over old traditions in multiple markets. Take the old wrist watch,for example. It’s simplicity yet complex design has a sort of timelessness and luxury to it, even as the smart watch takes over in the digital age. The so-called redundancy of the wrist watch has been cast aside by those who appreciate old and valuable traditions. Is time running out for wrist watches? We think not, especially if you enjoy to invest in a little luxury.

The pocket watch could be considered the birth of personal timekeeping. Then with progression in technology came the famous and much-loved famous and much-loved wrist watch. With design progressing over time over time, wrist watches began to integrate features such as dates, stopwatches and even water resistancy. Although these advancements could tempt away watch owners for more high-end luxury pieces, the craftsmanship always proveiled. Admittedly, these new tools only incrementally challenge the wrist watch compared to the disruption of smart technology, It is a testament of people’s loyalty to traditional design.

Hublot BigBangUnico King Gold Pavé now available in 42 mm

Hublot BigBangUnico King Gold Pavé in 42 mm; photo: Hublot

In a timely fashion

When considering a stunning watch composition, one may picture sand blasted, high grade metal watch hands, chamfered edges and a harmony of precious gemstones. However, it can be argued that modern smart watches are the epitome of great design, the appreciation moves from the mechanical components of a seamless line of metal passing over numbers representing the current time, to an adaptive and complex computer chip offering endless possibilities. One is stunningly simplistic and the other is complicated, but both carry the art of human creativity and intelligence. So, drastic movements in the watch industry may appear to be diminishing the significance of a wrist watch, but if anything, developing functions of a watch only reaffirms desires to have one  within its appropriateness of modern life.

The purpose of a watch is quite simple, offering information intuitively. However, as contemporary lifestyles have evolved, a day in the complex life of a modern individual requires a slightly less simplistic approach to time management. Drastic increases of smartphone use provide opportunities, not only can you find the time and date straight from the lock screen, smartphones manage your time for you, offering alerts for calendars, timers and notifications for everything you have throughout the day. Often you can negate to time check to see when you are meeting for brunch with your closest friends because your phone will tell you what time your appointment is, what time to leave and where to go.

Chopard L.U.C XPS watch for impeccable elegance and technical sophistication

Chopard L.U.C XPS; photo: Chopard

Tradition always wins on value

Both traditional and smart wrist watches offer timely assistance and are kind to the eye. with their convenient placements. and are kind to the eye. However, are their abilities overshadowed by the advancements of smartphones? Also located conveniently in the pocket, a handbag or already in hand, with adults spending an average of 24 hours a week on the internet.

Especially with modern watches carrying features such as notifications, phone calling and GPS. Does the performance between the smartphone and wrist watch highlight a contrast, and spotlight the limitations of a ‘real’ watch. Time could be running out for wrist watches, as businesses try to incorporate often useless features which are no match for your smart devices.

It would be close minded to exclude the benefits of a wrist watch and it’s design prowess. Simply because people enjoy the functional benefits of a smart watch, just like the functional benefits of sportswear, does not mean one would wear running trainers and thermal vests everyday. Suits are still a favourite choice amongst many and nothing completes smart casual like an exquisitely designed wrist watch.

The Peli 1400 is a crushproof, waterproof and dustproof case that comes with a Lifetime Guarantee

The Peli 1400 is a crushproof, waterproof and dustproof case that comes with a Lifetime Guarantee; photo:

Watch out for watches – they’re here to stay

Watch lovers have always lived with the sweet freedom of choice, switching watches from your collection with the help of drawers, displays and crush proof and water proof watch cases from the likes of the Case Farm. This routine marries perfectly even with smart watches. The traditional wrist watch has always been challenged, but has never been more appealing in our over-complicated world that we live in.