Inu, the high-end electric scooter for the new age

Green Ride’s INU is a Slick Urban Transportation Vehicle.

As more and more cities limit the movement of cars within their boundaries, more and more urbanites are switching to alternative means of transport like Green Ride’s INU (Inu is dog in Japanese) unveiled at CES 2015. INU is a portable, green, stylish, personal transportation vehicle for car-free urban areas. It is a solution for people who need to travel within the city and, unlike similar products, it looks great in the office or your home when it’s not in use eliminating the borders of indoor and outdoor once and for all.

You can use the INU as your main means of travel if you live in a city, or as a complimentary vehicle for a train commute. It is lightweight enough, portable and folds on command. That’s not a figure of speech – you can actually give it a voice command or a hand gesture using your smartphone and it’ll fold.

Equipped with a phone dock, GPS and even GSM, the INU meets the highest standards of personal tech in vehicles. The INU’s designer has also worked for Italian car-design studio Pininfarina, so it looks just as amazing folded as it does in motion.

‘Green’ is no longer just a matter of functionality – it is a statement and a standard. Green Ride’s philosophy is that a product cannot be considered truly high-quality if it isn’t eco- friendly and sustainable.