How to use essential oils with the first automated & personalized natural care system


A connected approach to daily well-being with the use of plants

The first automated & personalized natural care system wants to change the way we take care of ourselves.

SelfCare1, the World’s First Automated and Personalized Sustainable Care System is showcased at CES 2022 in Las Vegas. A new use of essential oils due to its personalization and safe precision that allows consumers to take care of themselves and their loved ones.

With an intelligent herbal oils care system, this all-in connected system delivers your personalized clean skincare and wellness serums instantly.

The connected device and daily wellness cartridge work with eight organic botanical oils that can be used for real-time personalized formulation and up to fifty programs on beauty, care, vitality, and balance. The eight oils were chosen by an international scientific committee made up of doctors, aromatherapists, pharmacists, and scientists.

Founded in 2018 by Brigitte Thito, a family health expert, SelfCareOne , a division of Family Self Care, offers a preventive, natural, innovative and connected approach to daily well-being with the use of plants.

The SelfCare1 makes it easy for you to get a custom blend of botanical oils to fit your ever changing needs. The SelfCare1is a safe way to provide natural care for the whole family using pure organic plant extracts and certified organic essential oils for it’s precision drop-dosing. As important as getting the right formula to fit your personal needs, it is equally important to make sure you apply your natural care safely to ensure you get all the incredible benefits they have to offer.

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How it works?

1. Choose your need among the 50 wellness and beauty programs.

2. Each program precisely details the list of essential oils that are used in the formula, the number of drops needed, how to dilute some of the formulas with vegetable oil, and of course, how to apply them.

3. Click on “Deliver my blend” and get your personalized care in a few seconds.

The essential oils are 100% organic. They have been carefully selected by SelfCare One Experts Committee and supplied by PhytoFrance. No more waste! Thanks to the sealed cartridge, our oils have a longer duration. And thanks to its algorithm, the Selfcare1® can recombine formulas based on the remaining oils left. The formulas adapt to your profile. Each user of the Selfcare1 can create its own profile taking into consideration potential known allergies, preferences…

“After three years of research and development conducted by engineers and doctors, SelfCare1 was introduced this year to the public. We are very proud to represent this sustainable care technology, and France, to the world. Our presence at CES will give us the opportunity to introduce ourselves to a global tech- savvy audience, connect with investors, customers and potential partners.” – Brigitte Thito, founder and CEO of Family Self Care.

SelfCare1 Gift Box Price is priced at $429. This includes the SelfCare1 connected device, a smart cartridge pre-filled with eight selected, pure and organic essential oils (40ml), 1 bottle of pure and organic jojoba vegetable oil (50ml), 2 containers (15ml x 2) that allow customers to carry their mixtures with them. The SelfCare1 app is available on Google play and the App Store.

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SelfCare1 recommends three methods to best optimize your wellness experience:

Topical Use

Absorb the benefits of your formula through your skin. Add the vegetable oil to your blend to dilute your formula, then apply to localized areas of your skin.

Tip: When choosing your vegetable oil, the experts recommend using oil such as grape seed, which is ideal for diluting essential oils, making it perfectly suited for aromatherapy. It is a good carrier for essential oils into the bloodstream. You can also choose vegetable oil for its cosmetic or therapeutic properties. For example, some oils are antioxidants (grape seed), nourishing (sweet almond) or cell regenerative (wheat germ). SelfCareOne uses an organic grapeseed oil that comes from France and is virgin and first cold-pressed.

Steam inhalation

Utilize the aroma of your custom blend. Simply drop your blend in a bowl of hot water and place your face above. This method allows the essential oils to be

carried by water steam into the respiratory system.


You can inhale your mixture directly from your container or dip a tissue into your container. If you wish, you can place a tissue directly below the dispensing area, so that essential oil drops fall directly into your tissue. Place the container or the tissue in front of your nose and breathe deeply.

Safety Tips: Essential oils are highly concentrated and only a few drops should be used at once. When using essential oils many people don’t realize they are using too much or exposing their bodies too long. In some cases overexposure can lead to skin burns, irritation, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, headaches, or even more severe reactions. With the SelfCare1® all the guessing goes away! It’s precise blending and dosing eliminates the risk and the integrated app gives specific instructions on how the oils should be applied. Not only does this ensure your safety, but it gives you peace of mind knowing that your dose is designed with your specific needs in mind.

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