How to plan the ultimate girls’ weekend away


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Whether it’s a reunion, a special birthday, a hen night or just an excuse for a get together, there’s nothing more fun than a weekend away with a group of your closest friends. You normally find your face aches afterwards with the
constant laughter, the wine bottles quickly empty and the chocolate boxes feel a lot lighter than they did on arrival.
And to make it as fun as you possibly can, you need to get planning in advance…

How to plan

Ideally you want to do this months in advance before people’s calendars fill up and so you can get the accommodation or experiences you want before others book them.

If it’s a group who all know each other well, stick to these girls only – don’t feel tempted to invite newbies along or introduce your clan to a different group of friends. That’ll change the dynamic and make everything feel less natural.

The budget is also important. You want it to be special, but think about everyone’s finances. If you go too lavish, then some of your group might make excuses for not being able to go, when actually it’s because it blows too big a hole in their budget.


Make sure you get everyone organised

Communication is the key here. Set up a WhatsApp group, or similar, so everyone’s in the loop. Then be clear
about what’s happening, when. Make sure everyone’s included in travel arrangements (try to ensure no-one travels
alone, as this is far less fun). And don’t hold anything back in regards to costs. If everyone knows the price up-front then they have time to save, and people are less likely to back out at the last minute. It might even be worth getting all the girls to pay a deposit, making them even less likely to change their mind later on.

Take things up a notch

To make the weekend feel really special, as well as fun, you should bring some kind of souvenir that everyone can
use and take home with them. This might be a mug specially designed to mark the occasion, matching outfits, or
some kind of themed fancy dress.

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Choice of activities

First things first – you need to ensure there’s plenty of downtime. Part of the joy of a girlie weekend is sitting,
chatting, giggling, eating and drinking.
In terms of activities, check what everyone would like to do well in advance. It might be that most of you want to go on a spa retreat but a couple feel uncomfortable about that. If this is the case, choose something else. The most important thing is for everyone to have a good time.
You might want to coincide your weekend away with a festival or special event, or perhaps you’re looking for a
country retreat from where it’s easy to hop on a train to London for retail therapy or a great night out.

Whatever your plans, remember that the weekend should be one that everyone enjoys, and where no-one feels left
out. And it’s the people that are the most important thing – so long as you’re together, you’ll have a fab time.