GS Trophy is coming to Canada in 2014

BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy 2014.

BMW Motorrad has held the International GS Trophy every two years since 2008, allowing BMW GS riders from numerous nations to engage in sporting competition both on motorcycles and in other disciplines. After Africa and South America, the BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy 2014 will now be held in the northern hemisphere for the first time. At the beginning of September 2014, 16 teams with riders from at least 18 nations will spend nine days battling it out at the “GS riders’ Olympics” in western Canada, enjoying the beauty of the landscape, facing up to the challenges of the tough outdoors and sharing the legendary GS spirit with new-found friends and like-minded individuals.


Starting out with five teams in Tunisia in 2008, the competition has quickly grown in popularity. More than twice as many teams lined up at the start to represent their countries in southern Africa in 2010. In the third contest in Chile and Argentina in 2012, 15 teams set off on a track of some 2,000 kilometres on GS bikes.

While memories of the event in South America are still fresh among those who took part and fans who followed it online, preparations for the fourth international GS Trophy are already fully underway.

As a result of detailed enquiries in searching for the most beautiful route, impressive locations and appropriate sporting challenges, the final choice fell on the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta in western Canada. So those participating in the next BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy will be demonstrating their skills between Vancouver and Calgary – and that will include crossing the Rocky Mountains.

Teams from the following countries have given final confirmation that they will take part, some having already qualified in national knock-out competitions: Germany, France, Italy, the UK, Russia, Austria/Switzerland, Central Eastern Europe, the USA, Mexico, Latin America, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, Japan and of course Canada.