Grand Cuisine Cooking System – the ultimate bespoke range cooker

Grand Cuisine Cooking System – $100,000 Electrolux’s Molteni kitchen range

The kitchen is the heart of any home – whether it’s an Italian palazzo or an inner city apartment. This $100,000 stove is an ultra-luxury item made to order and unique to the customer’s desire. Electrolux’s Molteni range cooker even comes with a built in security system.

With the oven door alone weighing over 88 pounds, this luxury stove caters to food enthusiasts who want professional equipment in their homes.

“We wanted to create something that could be put into a private home and fit in perfectly,” said Henrik Otto, Design Director. “The materials and the execution of the details give it a presence, whether you have a super modern kitchen, or if you’re more traditional with a country-style kitchen.”

Electrolux calls its Grand Cuisine Cooking System a “revolution in home cooking”, allowing the customers to prepare food when it suits them and then to hold it in perfect condition until the moment comes to serve it with relaxed confidence.


The powerful and precise cooking instrument like the combination oven delivers total control of heat and humidity. It cooks with convection heat, steam heat or a combination of both. The Blast Chiller provides powerful blast chilling and freezing, even for food taken directly from the oven – a key component of the cook-and-chill process. To ensure the highest levels of food quality and taste, Grand Cuisine is equipped with a precision vacuum sealer sealing food and liquids in an airtight pouch, the key to sous-vide cookery. The large induction zone is offering high power and complete flexibility. It features controllable safe heat using pot detection technology. For all kinds of steaming and frying it exists the surroung induction zone. It combines the instant power of induction heat with the even cooking surface of a round-bottomed pan.

Still made at the original factory in Saint-Uze, France, the $100,000 Molteni kitchen range is the choice of hundreds of restaurants around the world and is increasingly chosen by home chefs seeking a hand-crafted stove as a centrepiece for their kitchens.