Haute couture cosmetics: Le Soin Noir lace mask

A mask worthy of a haute couture creation: Le Soin Noir Lace mask from Parfums Givenchy

It took Parfums Givenchy 2 years of research to develop a “mask worthy of a haute couture creation”, a mask designed to fit all morphologies, evoking the spectacular couture collections by Givenchy Haute Couture Creative Director Riccardo Tisci. Made of the most precious authentic Calais lace, this luxurious beauty mask joins the iconic Soin Noir luxury range, whose effectiveness derives from a high dosage of vital black algae sap.

This algae has proved resilient and able to regenerate even under extreme conditions since time immemorial. The secret to its extraordinary capacity for survival is its black sap. The increased concentration of this active ingredient restores lasting cellular communication and collagen reconstruction.

The mask provides a mechanical action that enhances the effects of the cream for an instant youthful appearance: contours are firmer, wrinkles fade, the outline of the face seems lifted.