Gentleman’s driving accessories: the perfect car shoe kit

Gentleman’s Driver Collection from Car Shoe

Driving moccasins, a pair of gloves, a shoe horn, a shoe brush, and shoe polish comprise a perfect car shoe kit. The idea was put into practice by Car Shoe, the Italian driving moccasin company owned by Prada. One of the unique features of Car Shoe’s moccasin is that the upper is not mechanically perforated but it is completely hand-crafted by the artisan using needle and thread.

Car Shoe has also a special customisable version of its iconic driving moccasin crafted with the finest leathers and sewn together in a tubular technique, characterised by 160 hand stitches using 4.85 m of English thread. The Monogram 2.0 service allows the customer to apply metallic pieces featuring his or her initials onto the lace that runs externally along the side of the shoe.

The Car Shoe represents the original driving shoe, the brand being established in 1963, when the Italian Ministry of Industry and Trade awarded Gianni Mostile the patent for an absolutely innovative model of shoe, a moccasin with uppers perforated with rubber studs.

Recognizable by its characteristic sole with rubber studs, which are produced with materials very similar to those used in the production of tyres, the driving moccasin has preserved intact its features of comfort and practicality.