These Boldly Feminine Interpretations Of The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Are Art Deco Jewels To Be Worn


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In 1931, Jaeger-LeCoultre launched a timepiece that was destined to become a classic of 20th-century design: the Reverso. As an object that so deftly synthesised form and function, it has become one of the most recognisable watches of all time, looking as fresh and modern today as when it first appeared. While its blank metal flip side had begun as a purely functional solution to avoid damage to the dial, it was an ideal surface for personalisation with monograms, emblems or personal messages using lacquer or engraving.

From engraving to enamelling, the back of the Reverso offers endless possibilities for a made to order creation among different combinations of dial motifs and colours. Swivelling its case allows one to unfold its own story.

Reaffirming Jaeger-LeCoultre’s mastery of fine watchmaking and rare handcraft techniques, these boldly feminine interpretations of the Reverso are new jewels to be worn. In two colour variations, these novelties feature a richly decorated case that pays direct tribute to Art Deco’s geometric style.

@Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso One Precious Colours watches

Art Deco brought about an elegance that emphasised clean and strong lines as an organising principle. It is this design language that the talented artisans of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s in-house Métiers Rares atelier have translated for the Reverso One Precious Colours Ladies watches, creating a geometric pattern that covers the entire case-back and wraps around the case sides to frame the dial.

The Art Deco inspired geometric pattern on the verso of the timepiece is executed in miniature-painted grand feu enamel with diamond-set accents, creating an optical illusion of depth and movement.

“With the Reverso One Precious Colours, we have reaffirmed our expertise in decorative crafts and fine jewellery techniques, while also showcasing our ability to seamlessly merge art deco inspiration and modernity.— LIONEL FAVRE, Jaeger-LeCoultre Head of Design. 

With the front dial facing outwards, the Reverso One Precious Colours has a rich and elegant presence, its white mother-of-pearl dial contrasting with the vivid colours of its enamelled frame and the sparkle of the diamond-set gadroons and lugs.

The dial is finely detailed with the narrow gold brackets in each corner, the applied numerals and the Dauphine hands that are signatures of all Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso One jewellery watch models. The watch is fastened to the wrist by a shiny alligator strap, colour-matched to the case decoration.

Presented in shades of blue with black on a pink gold background, or in different tones of green on a white gold background, by turning the swivelling case over, the Reverso One Precious Colours becomes a piece of high jewellery decorated by the Atelier of Metiers Rares.

Concealed within the case, the movement that powers the Reverso One Precious Colours is testament to Jaeger-LeCoultre’s commitment to mechanical excellence. Developed and produced entirely within the Manufacture, the hand-wound Calibre 846 was created specifically for the Reverso and, in keeping with Jaeger-LeCoultre’s philosophy of product integrity, is shaped to follow the contours of the rectangular case.

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Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Secret Necklace is where high jewellery meets high watchmaking

The Reverso Secret Necklace transforms the design icon into a graceful and feminine sautoir, or long necklace. It is an exquisite creation that represents a rare and noble marriage of high jewellery, rare handcrafts and fine watchmaking.

The cordonnet, the original black textile bracelet, seen on Reverso models of the 1930s has been reimagined as a supple chain of intricate diamond-set links and polished onyx beads, from which a richly gem-set Reverso is suspended.

Worn with the case back turned to the front, the Reverso Secret Necklace conceals its secret power of time-telling until the wearer chooses to reveal it. Two pendants of polished onyx charms add a refined flourish to this elegant new way of wearing the time.

When the Reverso Secret Necklace is swivelled to its time-telling side, the dial appears to observers to be upside-down, however, it is set that way so that the wearer can read the time naturally as she lifts the watch to her line of sight, revealing an elegantly decorated dial.

“The intricate diamond-set links and polished onyx beads transform the Reverso design into a feminine necklace, while the hidden time-telling watch adds a touch of mystery and character.”— LIONEL FAVRE, HEAD OF DESIGN

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