Facebook Scandal: A Gambler’s Point Of View


The Gambler is one of the most discerning character types in society. It is just the media that has stereotyped this individual to seem like a reckless addict. Obviously, this cannot be true. Especially when taking into account the amount of meticulous statistical observations which have to translate into strategic decisions which improve gameplay.




Facebook Scandal: An Analysis

The reality is that the internet and its amazing powers are still a new thing. Even after about 30 years since its birth, we cannot claim to claim to have mastered it. There are still a lot of things that we need to address quickly. But there will always be something else that arises as we continue into cyberspace.

This is the major culprit in the scandal. Even Zuckerburg does not and cannot predict the future. If he could he would be an unbeatable gambler. Therefore even he cannot guarantee anything because the number of things that are literary out of his control is too large.

The Solution

While the problem is very real, the solution might be a little less so. Let Go. This is one of the things that you quickly learn when you start real money gambling and you can learn more here casinous.com. Once you place your bet, the money is no longer yours, even though you expect something from it. Letting Go while holding on is not an easy thing. So either forgive them or move to the next platform.

Very few people take time to read the terms and conditions of using the services online. And then there is the privacy policy. That is another long, boring and difficult statement to read. The result is that very few people are able to read through them. Thus they do not and cannot know when they have been wronged.

Most people do not know what Facebook or any of the other sites can and will do with the information that they gather. Therefore you can check out the gambler’s advice because is to simplify the contracts so that everyone actually knows what they are getting into. The T&C’s at online casinos are short and simple to understand.