European Union to focus on fashion and high-end industry

In the new EU Industrial Policy strategy, published on 10 October, the European Union announces its intention to focus on creative industries, such as the European fashion, high-end, and luxury industry.

“Given their economic significance, it is important to ensure that adequate policies are in place at EU level that take into account these business models and help the companies to continue to grow and create jobs,” noted the EU as part of the strategy.

In particular, the luxury industry has proven resilient to the crisis: A recent study shows that the industry corresponds to 3 % of EU (non-financial) GDP with an annual turnover of above € 400 billion. Some 990 000 people are directly employed in the luxury sector in Europe. By merging traditional craftsmanship and quality manufacturing with high-end technologies, design and innovation, the European high-end industry promotes European values, culture, art, creativity and know-how in the world – leveraging European soft power.