Döttling Guardian – the world’s first travel-safe for jet-setters

The Guardian – the world’s first travel safe 
The world’s first security luggage that can be carried with a handle or shoulder strap

 A 4 kg “Guardian” was created by the bespoke German luxury safe manufacturer Döttling to provide unique protection for up to six watches, jewelry, or important documents. Carried with a handle or shoulder strap, the compact travel-safe for jet-setters can also be placed in a suitcase.

The travel safe, billed as the world’s first, features several layers of highly tear-proof and cut-resistant aramid carbon-fiber fabric, which is also used in bulletproof vests, to prevent drilling or sawing. The Guardian is also equipped with a GPS tracking device, and can thus be precisely located around the globe.

A high-security safe door is integrated into one end of the cylinder, which is also reinforced with aramid carbon-fiber fabric. This door can only be opened with a three-digit code. When this code is entered correctly, the lock, consisting of four high-gloss polished steel bars, opens.

Döttling Guardian travel safe cannot be destroyed, even with the largest sledgehammers, say its manufacturers.

The safe manufacturer is known for its Döettling Colosimo Double Wing safe, the Colosimo, the iPad controlled Hublot Morphosis safe, and the Bel-Air collection of luxury safes.