Cuckoo-watch: Nendo is leading Pontos to uncharted territories

Cuckoo-watch - Nendo is leading Pontos to uncharted territories

Maurice Lacroix Pontos Cuckoo-watch by Nendo; Photographer : Akihiro Yoshida/;

A few years ago, Maurice Lacroix announced a partnership with Wallpaper and embarked on a adventure which consisted of reinventing the Maurice Lacroix Pontos watch thanks to the participation of outstanding designers. In 2009, product designer Gwenaël Nicolas, industrial designer Arik Levy, and fashion designer Neil Barrett redesigned the “Maurice Lacroix Pontos Decentrique GMT” watch. All the proceeds went to charities chosen by the participating artists.

The newest chapter of this watchmaking partnership with the world’s top global design magazine Wallpaper* was revealed this summer.

This year, there were the legendary architect Jean Nouvel and star designer Oki Sato, of Nendo, who had the task to reinterpret the Pontos Day Date luxury timepiece. The Pontos collection is a subtle mix of Swiss Savoir Faire and high-tech materials.

The time is now for Nendo’s Oki Sato to lead Pontos to uncharted territories. “Pontos” has been redesigned by Nendo for a special feature in the British lifestyle magazine “Wallpaper*”.

This watch normally worn on the wrist can be inserted into a specially created stand, that looks like a wall clock, and enjoyed as an interior accessory. A typical cuckoo clock-like appearance enabled the wrist watch to visually blend into the wall clock, and to enhance this integrated expression, the digits were placed to extend outside the dial. The incompleteness of the face characterized the design of this watch, and offered a feeling that it was a “piece that was cut out from a wall clock”.

The body of this innovative cuckoo-watch was finished with matte white to blend in with the interior, while pink gold was used as an accent for parts such as the letters and hands.

The brand image of “Maurice Lacroix” was casually reflected by adopting details such as stretching the crown of wrist watch for the pendulum parts, and using their logo “M” for the eyes of the bird.

Maurice Lacroix Pontos by Nendo watch; Photographer : Akihiro Yoshida

Maurice Lacroix Pontos by Nendo watch-


Cuckoo-watch - Nendo is leading Pontos to uncharted territories-2018; Photographer : Akihiro Yoshida


Create your own AIKON

The new 2017 Maurice Lacroix Aikon Bronze

Create your own Aikon. Maurice Lacroix Unveils the New Aikon Bronze.

‘Cool’ is a term which is frequently overused, however, with the new Aikon Bronze, the word seems most apt. This is a statement timepiece for stylish people who choose to express their individuality with iconic and sensuous design.

With the passage of time the case colour of the Aikon Bronze will evolve as a testi-mony of the wearer’s lifestyle. The result of this dynamic interaction is an exclusive patination, making each watch truly unique.

The Bronze Aikon is housed in a 44mm case and paired with a smoke-effect dial adorned with horizontal lines spanning its surface. The aged appearance of the dial complements the patination found on the case. The hour and minute hands are 4N gold plated, reinforcing the sense of luxury. The hands are lined with SuperLuminova, aiding legibility in restricted light. A central sweep seconds hand and date display complete the inventory of functions.

Each hour is denoted with luminous 4N gold plated indexes. Convenience is assured with the quartz movement, ensuring the
wearer does not have to remember to wind the watch. The Aikon Bronze is supplied on a vintage calf leather strap, featuring the brand’s legendary integrated ‘M’ logo, and a bronze pin buckle.

Maurice Lacroix Pontos by Nendo Maurice Lacroix Pontos by Nendo2017-2018