CS850GT Mustang by Clive Sutton debuts at 2021 Salon Privé UK



Clive Sutton to debut CS850GT Mustang at Salon Privé.

This bespoke Mustang creation tops even the most powerful stock offering in the US, including the Shelby GT500, guaranteeing owners exclusivity and unparalleled Mustang enjoyment.

@Clive Sutton to debut CS850GT Mustang at Salon Privé.

High-performance and luxury car specialist Clive Sutton will show its CS850GT Mustang at Salon Privé from 1-5 September – the new car’s public debut. As the UK’s most powerful Mustang, the CS850GT is a comprehensive reworking of Ford’s latest 5.0-litre V8 muscle car. Sutton created the new car in response to customer feedback who were frustrated that Ford did not manufacture a right-hand drive Shelby GT500 for the UK market.

In the Sutton CS850GT, output has been boosted to 847hp (859PS) – making it the UK’s most powerful new Mustang – almost double the 454hp (460PS) of the stock Ford Mustang. The new CS850GT boasts a custom-tuned Whipple Supercharger, intercooler and a Quad Active XFORCE exhaust that together deliver 665lb-ft (902Nm) of torque, alongside the significant power boost. With absolute driver engagement in mind, the new levels of performance are accessed by a short-shifting six-speed manual transmission.

@Clive Sutton CS850GT Mustang

To handle the power and deliver a rewarding driving experience, the new muscle car’s suspension and chassis have been significantly upgraded with UK and European roads in mind. Upgraded front and rear anti-roll bars, enhanced bracing and new subframe components combine with custom Vossen 20-inch wheels, uprated DBA brakes and Hawk pads to deliver new levels of dynamics to the Mustang.

Visually the new Sutton offering also raises the game. A completely reworked front end brings UK buyers a GT500 style appearance complemented by a new bumper lip, carbon fibre side rockers, and a carbon fibre rear valance that houses the quad exhausts. New colour-adjustable tri-bar headlights, plus LED side and rear lights complete the new look while enhancing visibility.

The model shown at Salon Privé 2021 displays the full range of interior upgrades. The £12,000 enhancements include a Sutton Performance steering wheel, custom carbon fibre dash and full Sutton Custom upholstery upgrade to grey / white / blue leather and grey Alcantara across the seats, dash, and headlining. The show car also boasts the optional Sutton Carbon track spoiler – a £6,000 upgrade.

Clive Sutton has been one of the largest importers of Ford Mustangs and Shelby Mustangs for more than 15 years. Since 2016, Sutton Bespoke has operated a specialist Mustang division with CS700 and CS800 versions of the iconic muscle car preceding today’s CS850GT.

@Clive Sutton CS850GT Mustang

@Clive Sutton CS850GT Mustang

@Clive Sutton CS850GT Mustang