Color meets diamond pavé to form Nudo collection perfection

Sculpted in every gem color, select the Nudo collection ring that bares your souls.

Strong, vibrant, and full of color, Chiara Ferragni embodies Pomellato’s joyful spirit

Strong, vibrant, and full of color, Chiara Ferragni embodies Pomellato’s joyful spirit; photo: pomellato

Pomellato Nudo collection is a stunning example of brilliant Italian design. Rich with Milanese inspiration, Nudo designs are artisanal and audacious. Born in 2001, the Nudo collection has since become an all-time favourite, gaining the status of style icon with a ready-to-wear attitude. Today, the irresistible simplicity of Nudo is expressed through different families, each of which explores stylish and fascinating variations.

“An endless surprise of colour and style ready to stun, Nudo is the emblem of the modern ring every woman wants to own. A smooth elegance sparked by seasonal trends and personal inspiration, the Nudo mixing & matching experience will only leave you longing for more,” says the Italian jewelry house.

The new Nudo in white moonstone and white gold, glazed with icy pavè diamonds expresses the sensual brilliance of Pomellato design. Nudo Assoluto ring is a bold new oversize interpretation of an icon embodying powerful simplicity and showcasing a dazzling personality. An unconventional and strikingly audacious creation, Nudo Assoluto is available in three color variants (blue topaz, amethyst and lemon quartz).

Interpreting the language of the fine jewellery world, the Nudo Solitaire portrays the unique splendour of the ‘one-and-only’. Reminiscent of the multifaceted appeal of diamonds, its pavé comes together in an ensemble of fabulous stones that make for a truly original creation.

A smaller version of Nudo, Nudo Petit features a subtler design characterised by a more concentrated ‘nude’ stone available in six colours. The biggest version of the Nudo, Nudo Maxi presents an eye-catching, larger ‘nude’ stone available in six colours. Mix it and match it with Nudo Classic and Nudo Petit.

Pomellato Nudo collection 2018- Chiara Ferragni

photo: peter lindbergh for pomellato


Strong, vibrant, and full of color, Chiara Ferragni embodies Pomellato’s joyful spirit.

Chiara Ferragni is the 2018 face of Pomellato. The innovative, self-made businesswoman who embodies Italian audacity at its best. Chiara Ferragni is also the face of Pomellato For Women campaign shot by Peter Lindbergh, underlining the importance of female leadership and a more authentic form of beauty.

A wide-angled reflection on what beauty is today is the narrative thread that runs smoothly through the campaign. Based on an idea of authenticity that skips rules, it promotes a balance between inside and outside, inner being and presence.

Pomellato Nudo collection 2018-portfolio

Pomellato Nudo; photo: Pomellato

Pomellato Nudo collection 2018- Chiara Ferragni likes to mix-and-match her bundles of Pomellato joy

photo: Pomellato