Chinese Valentine’s Day season of love: 7 luxury brands launch exclusive gifts




Fine gifts deliver an extra touch of sweetness on Chinese Valentine’s Day

The Chinese Valentine’s Day holiday (the Qixi Festival) originates from a romantic legend, and each year conjures a shared sentiment of love and affection across China. The Qixi Festival (August 7), also known as the Qiqiao Festival, is a Chinese traditional festival celebrating the annual meeting of the cowherd and the weaver girl in mythology.

Balmain joins SECOO, launches exclusive gifts just for Chinese Valentine's Day

@Balmain joins @SECOO, launches exclusive gifts just for Chinese Valentine’s Day

This year, for the romantic Chinese holiday, SECOO is teaming up with seven luxury brands — Balmain, Roger Vivier, Aspinal of London, Hogan, Versace, ENZO and Circle — to create the “Chinese Valentine’s Day season of love” collection, with new, limited-edition products created exclusively for Secoo shoppers.

On July 23, Balmain — the famed French luxury fashion house, officially joined Secoo. Balmain’s Chinese Valentine’s Day offerings on Secoo feature leading gift ideas for both female and male consumers. The high-end, ready-to-wear female selection features a unique street style that appeals to stylish, modern women. In total, Balmain is introducing five new, limited-edition crossover items available exclusively on Secoo for Chinese Valentine’s Day.

Roger Viviver’s limited-edition products in honor of Chinese Valentine’s Day include a pair of Croisiere Patch ballerina flats and a Viv’ Croisiere Patch letter cabas. According to Secoo, “the delicate cowhide and novel patchwork deliver irresistible charm through their elegance and simplicity.”

Besides Balmain and Roger Vivier, Secoo also cooperates with other luxury brands to launch exclusive Chinese Valentine’s Day’s products.

Hogan launches an even more dynamic and interactive shoe line on Secoo to celebrate this season of love. Renowned luxury design brand Aspinal of London brings an intricately embroidered bag with bamboo handle exclusively on Secoo this Chinese Valentine’s Day. Besides, Versace launches five limited-edition gifts on Secoo for Chinese Valentine’s Day to deliver ‘LOVE’ as a declaration of the very emotion. In addition, Enzo has a scented love box, which is available only on SECOO and comes complete with a specially scented Chinese Valentine’s Day candle and stunning sardonyx necklace.

ROger Vivier - VivSkate sneakers by Gherardo Felloni featuring a graphic, tone-on-tone side buckle

Roger Vivier – VivSkate sneakers by Gherardo Felloni featuring a graphic, tone-on-tone side buckle; @Roger Vivier