Cartier Time Art – a history of time measurement

Cartier celebrates 150 years of time art
Cartier Time Art: A tribute to Cartier timepieces from the first to the present day

Cartier Time Art, which will travel worldwide after opening in Zurich, traces the history of time measurement at Cartier from its origins in Paris in 1847 to today.

Never before have so many Cartier timepieces been shown together in one place, and never before has the company curated an exhibition – Cartier Time Art – devoted entirely to the measurement of time. After a first stop in Switzerland, it will travel outside Europe, including to Russia, China and the United States.

158 historic timepieces were chosen among the 1,400 items in the Cartier Collection which was set in motion in 1983. The exhibition concept, by the Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka, is conducive to the magic that immediately takes hold in the half-light of the galleries, where visitors discover a châtelaine watch from 1874, examples of guilloché enamel that rivalled Fabergé himself in the 1910s, the first panther spots of 1914, early Cartier travel clocks from 1925, and clocks inspired by exotic lands, Egypt and China in particular, made at the turn of the twentieth century.


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