21st century version of the Palace of Versailles’ resplendent Hall of Mirrors in the new Bond No. 9 New York City


The newly renovated flagship boutique
at 9 Bond Street in NoHo, New York City aims to set a
standard for the next generation of retail fragrance interiors.Smoky mirrors everywhere—on the walls, lining the built-in wall-niches, and on the freestanding showcases throughout the 3,000 square foot long retail corridor. With Bond No. 9 vividly colored fragrance boxes displayed and reflected multiple times throughout this gallery-space, the overall effect is kaleidoscopic in this 21st century version of the Palace of Versailles’ resplendent Hall of Mirrors. The newly renovated flagship boutique has a 16 foot consultation and custom blending table.

The furnishings and decor, designed by Laurice Rahmé, Bond No. 9’s founder and president, is intended as a visual fantasia counterpart to the incandescent, irrepressible beauty and expressiveness of our 70 eaux de parfum and accompanying candles, creams, and lotions.

The details include a curved lacquer-lipstick-red bar and checkout desk, Gi-normous crystal chandeliers, several encased in openwork iron gyres, and matching standing lamps, plus a mirrored library. The highlights include the table with Swarovski crystal-studded bottles and a candle table.

“And lest we overlook—just outside our front door, Bond Street is paved with cobblestones, as it’s been for well over a century. The walkways of Versailles, in case you’re wondering, are cobblestoned too—one of the reasons we chose this space in the first place” Bond No. 9 New York explained the choice.