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I can think of few products as eagerly anticipated as Scent Of A Dream (£49), Charlotte Tilbury’s debut perfume, and yet I’m not sure anyone predicted how it turned out. I’ll admit I was expecting some heady, ripe, buxom oriental power scent but what I got is a wearable floral-chypre that’s so much more to my taste. Chypres (my personal favourites) are warm, dry perfumes, almost always built around an accord of oakmoss, patchouli, labdanum and bergamot, the most famous of which are Miss Dior Originale, Guerlain Mitsouko and Chanel No19 (created, funnily enough, by the great-uncle of Tilbury’s perfumer, François Robert). Like these, Scent Of A Dream is chic, pretty strong and long-lasting, but the fragrance itself is quite sharp and daytime – ideal for me, but possibly too low-key for some (pleasingly, it reminds me of the fragrances worn by my mum and stepfather in the 1970s). It’s sexy but intimate; rather than demanding your attention, it invites you to sidle up next to it. I’m hooked.

My Burberry Black (£65) is the latest offspring of Burberry’s signature scent. This, a headier, evening version, was also created by “nose” Francis Kurkdjian and is, to me, much closer in feel to the scents under his (pricier) signature label. My Burberry Black is not for the faint-hearted: big, blowsy roses and candied peaches kept warm by soft amber hardly blend seamlessly into the background and are, ordinarily speaking, just not my bag. But while I find it a bit much right now, My Burberry Black smells so comforting, so luxurious, that I’m looking forward to spritzing it on some nice thick jumpers and coats for autumn.

Also cosying, if a little more restrained, is Aerin’s new Tangier Vanille (£92). I should say that, as a rule, I’m very much not a fan of vanilla scents. Just the thought makes me think of Yankee Candles and car air fresheners and I immediately feel bilious. But I find I rather love this – perhaps because the extremely subtle vanilla doesn’t live up to its top billing. This is much more elegant and doesn’t make me smell of pudding. It’s lighter, more refined, a little musky, but still very moreish. My 11-year-old also observed that it smells “a bit like posh Play-Doh, in a good way”, and I must say, he was absolutely right on both counts. © Guardian News & Media Limited 2010

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Aerin Tangier Vanille