Artist Sebastian tells the story of one of the oldest traditions in Mexico

Limited-edition PATRÓN Mexican Heritage Tin is brought to life by a new artist.

PATRÓN Tequila Unveils New Collaboration with Acclaimed Artist Sebastian for the Limited-Edition Mexican Heritage Tin; @PATRÓN Mexican Heritage Tin

The seventh annual PATRÓN Mexican Heritage Tin honors the vibrant and modern traditions of Mexico in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.

PATRÓN Tequila, the world’s number one super-premium tequila, is collaborating with the acclaimed and like-minded visionary—Mexico City-based sculptor, Sebastian—to unveil the 2022 limited-edition PATRÓN Mexican Heritage Tin in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. Released annually, the limited-edition PATRÓN Mexican Heritage Tin is brought to life by a new artist each year that visually shares the stories, traditions, and culture of Mexico through stunning one-of-a-kind designs.

For this year’s limited-edition PATRÓN Mexican Heritage Tin, Sebastian tells the story of one of the oldest traditions in Mexico that continues to be honored at PATRÓN Tequila—the harvesting and cutting of agave piñas. The boldly crafted and vibrant tin design is an overhead view of the agave heart—one of the three, 100% naturally perfect ingredients that is masterfully combined to create PATRÓN Tequila. The design is inspired by the detailed cutting process of the agave piña that’s steeped in natural geometric design, and a key component of the handcrafted production process by our familia of jimadors.

@PATRÓN Mexican Heritage Tin

“Celebrating Mexican culture and creative perfection, this collaboration carries on PATRÓN Tequila’s legacy of aligning with progressive pioneers who share the values of passion, drive, and dedication to hard work. This year, we are honored to have partnered with Sebastian to bring the traditions of Mexico to life through the PATRÓN Mexican Heritage Tin,” shared Kathy Parker, President and Global Chief Marketing Officer for PATRÓN Tequila. “Between our commitment to time-honored traditions and Sebastian’s artistry, we’ve created a dynamic collaboration of passionate mastery between brand and artist.”

Best known for his monumental works of steel and concrete displayed in Mexico and around the world, Sebastian’s abstract geometric forms and bold colors are inspired by the Mexican landscape and natural shapes found in the regions of Mexico in which Sebastian resides.

“I’m honored to be collaborating with PATRÓN Tequila—a brand that is as proud of its Mexican roots as I am, and equally committed to handcrafted perfection,” Sebastian shared. “For the design of the tin, it was important for me to honor the traditions of Mexico that celebrate natural elements like the agave plant and piña imagery. This collaboration highlights our passion for craftsmanship, and I look forward to sharing this piece of art with the world while they enjoy the world’s finest tequila.”

The limited-edition PATRÓN Mexican Heritage Tin includes a bottle of PATRÓN Silver, and is available at local retailers nationwide in the US as well as select international markets.

@PATRÓN Mexican Heritage Tin