Rauli Mard – I try to be an analog artist in a digital time

Powerful paintings by Rauli Mard.

If the engines could ask for a portrait, definitely they will ask for one made by Rauli Mard.  Motorcycles, cars, aeroplanes, everything with a Herculean engine you will find in this art universe of artworks populated with gigantic and high-powered paintings. Above and under clouds a forceful god of the new age machine power is revealed through art tradition dating from the 17th century. 2luxury2.com had the chance to make a foray into the striking world of the redoubtable Finnish artist. Let’s feel the vibration generated by the impressive machines brought to second life by the brushes and inspiration of Rauli Mard:

First, we want to thank you for breaking up your studio time for this interview. We are curious what you’re working on now. How is this different from past projects?

You are so welcome! This is my nearest and dearest place in this world. It’s the origin of my art. I was born 1958 in this very same apartment, so we are standing at my roots right now.
This painting here is my most recent work, Virgin Space Shuttle. Because this vehicle represents whole new concept, it’s design reflects new purposes.

Your enthusiasm in converting aviation, motorcycle and technical themes into art is contagious. How did you approached the engines? What are your favourite and what is your relationship with these roaring beasts?

When I was a little boy, my biggest wish was to become a mechanical engineer one day. Now I am an artist, close enough or what ? That’s why I’ve always been fascinated with loud noises, roaring sounds.

How do you characterize your art and style in 5-6 words?

A combination of old technique and modern technology. Like there were motorcycles in the 17th Century.

What is your motto in life? In the artistic field?

“Be brave even if it’s getting darker. ” ” Artist be brave, even if…”

What are your sources of inspiration? What kind of art, artists, places, people inspire you?

I adore music in art and vice versa. The greatest inspirer have always been Jimi Hendrix. Roaring sounds are so full of pictures.

How did your star connections with the rock world shaped your art and portfolio?

I have had the opportunity several times to meet rockstars and it gave me whole new point of view. If you achieved enough in life, there is no reason to prove anything to anyone.

It’s maybe a good advice in general. Well, if your painting is owned, for example, by Mr. Bruce Dickinson, that knowledge brings a peace of mind.

How did you start painting? Was becoming a painter full-time a difficult process? We have all heard the starving artist stories.

Becoming a full-time artist was hard, but a clear decision to make. Even though it’s frightening, you have to move forward. Never going back. Starving? No, just having aching hunger to do more and more…

Hobbies can help you be a more creative artist. Do you have passions as large as painting?

Being a bicycle freak. Do I have to tell more? My record in one Finnish (short and cold) summer is 11.000 kilometers. Also, more about my physical exercise on my website www.raulimard.com.

Your fresco technique is more than special. It dates several centuries back and requires a lot of study and dedication. Can we describe it your way in a few sentences?

The first step is to dive into the art heritage. What are the primary issues in the process? The colour and the shape.

You have built an original digital presence through your websites and blog. What is your relationship with the digital and social media universe? Where we can admire and commission your artwork?

I try to be an analog artist in a digital time. With an analog heart , I think the digital environment is just a modern time-diary. It’s easier to climb to the top of the mountain and shout as loud as you can. That is digital marketing globally. The easiest way is to visit my sites.  First: www.raulimard.com

Do you work with an art dealer/ gallery, or is everything set up by you?

As an art loner, all by myself.

Customization is an important and complicated step in your art process. How did you built your relationship with clients?

Whatever I create, I’ll try to be recognizable, so customers know in advance what they will get.  A tailored model, of course.

What are your biggest challenges as an artist?

My biggest challenges are how to develop continuously and keep my style at the same time.

What means luxury to you in one word? Name 5 luxuries which are “indispensable’’ for you and why.

How to define luxury? Something you have to had, almost whatever the costs. Something gives me deeper pleasure. Something above everyday. Ok. Bicycle with high-class components. Watches, I own too many, Gant, Suunto etc. Shoes with unique design. Customised travels. Last but not least, keeping myself void from routines.

What are your models or fundamentals in life which you will recommend to others?

Less is more. Be good. Look forward only.

How do you see your art and portfolio in 5 years? What of your biggest dreams you wish to fulfill first?

To have an exhibition on 5th Avenue in Manhattan with very special guest with the guitar – Prince. My goal and dream.