Antique Cufflinks 1860 – 1960: the first historical reference book on cufflinks

The first comprehensive picture catalogue of one of the gentleman’s most defining accessories

Guy-David Lambrechts, a Belgian cuff link collector and menswear designer, published the first historical reference book on antique cufflinks. “Antique Cufflinks 1860 – 1960” is a comprehensive picture catalogue of one of the gentleman’s most defining accessories. The book is based on the history of Lambrechts‘ family cuff link collection built over five generations.

Presented for the first time at 1862 World Exhibition in London, cufflinks became an art form in miniature that captured the social essence of its time. The jewelry was used to impress others, communicate one’s wealth or convey status of mourning.

Interestingly, Mr. Lambrechts’ grandfather in the fifth generation attended this very World Exhibition and was fascinated by these little pieces of cuff jewelry. As a direct result, he ordered the first Belgian cufflinks that were ever made. Mr. Lambrechts is still wearing them.

The 400 page coffee table book (32x32x5cm), limited to just 3,000 numbered copies, examines the history, materials, and themes that evolved in step with a hundred years of radical sartorial change, from the austere Victorian years to the colorful swinging 60’s.

Punctuated by extraordinary treasures, the glossy pages display cufflinks that were once owned by royalty, inlaid with micro-mosaics, or encrusted with fine gems. From rare cufflinks from the Titanic  to the renowned craftsmanship of the master jeweler Fabergé, this selection of cufflinks is probably unrivaled anywhere in the world, says gentlemansgazette

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