7 Designer Cases to Elevate the Class of your iPhone

Your iPhone is a luxury on its own, but what’s better is to class it up with an equally luxurious cover. Some of the best iPhone cases Australia sites offer you the most modern covers for your smartphone. Here are 7 designer cases to make your iPhone one heck of a showstopper!

Designer Cases to Elevate the Class of your iPhone
1. Dolce and Gabbana Printed Leather Case

The Dolce and Gabbana Sicilian-inspired patterns are now available for your iPhone covers. These designer cases come in springy colors and are heavily textured for your artistic taste. For the latest iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, you can opt for wraparound case and snap-on case respectively.

Unique Metallic Monochrome Snake Hard Shell Case
2. Unique Metallic Monochrome Snake Hard Shell Case

The Unique phone case is a genuine leather material, which features a stylish snake skin on a silver metallic design. This luxurious casing is available for around $45, which is far less expensive than other designer styles. The slim and sleek design gives complete protection from the back to the edges. Your modern iPhone needs a modern wrap like this, which is light-weight, slim, protective as well as eye-catching.

3. Rebecca Minkoff Glow Selfie Case
3. Rebecca Minkoff Glow Selfie Case

Priced at $60, the Rebecca Minkoff phone case captures the essence of a truly stylish smartphone cover with another interesting selfie feature. This glow case has a power and dimmer button to help you adjust the light for a perfect selfie. The hard shell provides ultimate protection with long-lasting durability. Moreover, the designer pearly effect gives your iPhone the royal appearance it needs.

Chime Sleeve Case
4. Chime Sleeve Case

Chime sleeve case gives your iPhone a bit of sophistication. If you’re attracted to a formal lifestyle, this is the phone case for you. This simple designer case lets the material do all the talking. The fabulous leather has a smooth feel to it. You can achieve this elegance for your iPhone in just $75. Another exciting fun fact is that the Chime sleeve case is handcrafted to perfection.

Tory Burch Sliding Mirror Case For iPhone 7
5. Tory Burch Slide-Out Mirror Case

The textures on Tony Burch designer apparel are now replicated on iPhone cases too. A phone case with beautiful wallpaper, pastel and nature-inspired textures along with a slide-out mirror is the dream of every fashion lover. Dress up your iPhone with this chic cover and use the slide-out mirror for great touch-ups on the go. It can also be the best luxury gift for the fashionista you know.

Hardy Folio Case with a Card Pocket-m
6. Hardy Folio Case with a Card Pocket

Hardy Folio case is redesigned with a precision-molded back shell and a signature soft coating to give it a better grip and feel. The carbon fiber-lined front cover gives it an added protection. Their best-selling tan shade gives it a stylish look along with other brooding shades. The best feature of this case is its card slot that is a great place to store your business or payment cards without having to carry around an extra load of wallet.

Fendi Flower Studded Case
7. Fendi Flower Studded Case

This gloriously feminine designer iPhone case comes in a shade of bloody marry (deep red). And it’s not just about the looks! It carries a handy strap at the back for safe handling of your iPhone. After all, your iPhone is too precious to slip from your grasp. The hard Fendi case with floral embellishment can be yours for a whopping $550.

7 Designer Cases to Elevate the Class of your iPhone'