5 of the Top Gaming Laptops to look for this Christmas

While the talk of a long-term economic recovery in the UK may be ongoing, the levels of household debt in the UK remain disconcertingly high. This is a concern with Christmas approaching, both for retailers and parents who are hoping to buy suitable gifts for their loved ones. This simply means that you need to be selective when buying presents, however, and prioritise high end gifts that offer luxury, style and durability in equal measure.

If you are shopping for a gamer, for example, you should look to invest in a top of the range laptop that offers a visually compelling and interactive experience.

  • The CyberPower FangBook X7-200

One of the best-selling and most value-conscious products on the market, the CyberPower FangBook X7-200 has developed something of a cult reputation among gamers and delivers both reliable performance and a healthy range of graphical features. It can also be sourced for less than £2000, which represents huge value in the current market.

  • Digital Storm Veloce

A fan’s favourite, this ultra-portable laptop is particular ideal for gamers on the go who enjoy playing mobile titles and frequenting the top 10 UK online casinos. It is also priced at less than £2000, and despite this it delivers a robust performance and surprisingly detailed graphical representation.

iBuyer Battalion Ultra-Thin M1771
From the sleek, ultra-portable Digital Storm, we turn our attentions to a power user’s dream. The iBuyer Battalion Ultra-Thin M1771 boasts an incredibly large and clear display, in addition to exceptional storage and a durable design. Ideal for professional users, it is a product that will stand the considerable test of time.

The MSI GX601AC-021US
As we enter the upper-echelons of the market, we are presented with the outstanding MSI GX601AC-021US. While this is a laptop that encourages users to make a choice between multimedia processing powers for 3D GPU excellence, it is ideal for enjoying visually striking and adventure-based games.

MSI GX70 3BE-007US
Last but not least is the MSI GX70 3BE-007US, which offers 3D gaming capacity at full, high definition resolution. It is also surprisingly cheap given such a specification, so it is ideal for gamers on a budget who do not want to compromise on quality.