4 Reasons to Check Your HVAC System Before Winter Weather Arrives

the reasosns to check your HVAC system before winter-

When the weather is mild, you may forget about its existence. But when cold weather arrives, you certainly don’t want an issue with your HVAC system.

Have an expert check your unit before winter weather comes calling to make sure you don’t have any issues that will leave you without heating when you need it the most. Discover the following four reasons why you should check your HVAC system seasonally.

You’ll Ensure Your Unit Works Correctly

reasosns to check your HVAC system before winter

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When you’ve turned off the heat for a long time, you can never be sure what problems may have occurred as dust settles and parts go unused inside your system. By having a seasonal maintenance schedule, you don’t have to worry about turning your machine on and something going wrong, which can ultimately cause more damage and force you to spend more money.

You’ll Save Some Money on Your Utility BillsIncline Village, Nevada

By having your HVAC system checked before winter arrives, you can make sure your heating and cooling system is operating at peak efficiency. You may also be able to save up to 30 percent on your utility bills by having your unit cleaned and fully operational. By scheduling seasonal maintenance, not only are you saving money on your utility bills by having an efficient machine, but you are also catching potential expensive problems before they happen.

You’ll Stay Warm on the First Day of Winter

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During the cooler months of the year, check your system’s refrigerant charges to ensure proper efficiency. You’ll also want to schedule a maintenance check before the beginning of the season, which is usually the busiest season for HVAC maintenance. By scheduling your HVAC system maintenance early, you make sure you don’t experience issues with wait times and delays. When you do, you will be happy with a fully functioning HVAC unit when you need it.

You’ll Get Advice on Whether You Should Continually Run the HVAC Fan
You'll Get Advice on Whether You Should Continually Run the HVAC Fan

You’ll find both pros and cons to continually running the HVAC fan on your unit during both the summer and winter months. While you won’t find a set industry answer, by having seasonal maintenance performed on your HVAC system, you can discuss with your technician both the pros and cons of running the fan.

You may decide to run the fan continually to ensure an evenly distributed desired temperature, or you may opt to let the unit decide for you by turning the dial to auto. Both are good options, but you should be aware of both options and how they may affect your home and your energy bills.

Now that you have a variety of information for checking your HVAC unit seasonally, you can be ready for seasonal changes in the weather. Whether you’re saving money, ensuring peace of mind, or learning more about your home’s needs, scheduling regular HVAC system maintenance visits will make your life easier and will ensure that your home HVAC system can continue to serve you for years to come.