2LUXURY2 e-Magazine will be launched in PARIS during 1.618 Paris, the Sustainable Luxury Event



2LUXURY2, the International magazine of a new LUXURY, is proud to announce its PARIS launch during 1.618 Sustainable Luxury Event – 1.618-paris.com.

From March 29th to April 1st, you are invited to discover our vision of this new luxury world at the “Cité de la Mode et du Design“.

If you cannot visit the event, you can watch it from your Ipad or PC as 2LUXURY2 will broadcast the event online. – in the website : www.2luxury2.com or on media channels : www.facebook.com/2luxury2  , www.twitter.com/2luxury2

As water can be solid or liquid, warm or cold, depending of the heath, LUXURY also has properties changing with people and civilisation evolution. Luxury changed at each period of history, its image and its perception. Today, from creativity to the need of perfection, from respect of health to respect of the environment, we are looking for authentic luxury.

In response to an insistent consumer’s need, companies will have to change fast their priority to get in tune with this New Luxury Code.

1.618 SUSTAINABLE LUXURY believes in a new Luxury. 2LUXURY2, too.

Happiness is not in the accumulation of goods or material belongings but in the quality and the memory of happiness time it brings to us. Lets put all this good energy together. Join us to participate to this big change and to be part of this New World!

2LUXURY2 will be present at 1.618 Sustainable Luxury Event in Paris between March 29th and April 1st 2012 at Cité de la Mode et du Design.


How to start? Contact us. Let us know about you and your activities, communicate about your news, your actions, in 2LUXURY2 to share it with the world.

Our magazine is a sharing plateform and all collaborators are welcome. Feel free to ask for your own code to participate, to allow you to send pictures, texts and share positive news. Be Part of It.


is an international e-magazine for the demanding, high-end, luxury consumer, dedicated to excellence, well-being, green issues, arts, creativity, innovation and sustainable development. 2LUXURY2 is a publication of 2LUXURY2 LTD.

 2LUXURY2 invites initiated e-readers to discover with refinement a source of inspiration, an exclusive editorial content, custom showrooms for luxury suppliers, articles, events. 2LUXURY2.com offers a guide focused on the idea of pleasant reading and browsing through the exclusive world of luxury brands: jewelry, watches, cars, fashion, yachts, sports, gastronomy, decoration, high-tech…  leading to well-being in all its forms!

2LUXURY2 presents luxury market analysis, events, trends and launches on the International market.  Find inspiration, brands and best services: from antiquities and rare items, most adventurous boats & yachts, high-class entertainment, to exclusive fashion items, prototypes and gadgets.

2LUXURY2 allows you to participate and communicate easily in dropping your stories, to send pictures, texts or any useful information.


ABOUT 1.618 SUSTAINABLE LUXURY EVENT  – 1618-paris.com

1,618 is called the Golden Number, the number for universal harmony, the perfect number for creation. The name 1.618 – known as the Golden Ratio – has captured the imagination since the Renaissance. It is a symbol found in nature, used in music, art, architecture, and economics.

1.618 Sustainable Luxury Event is a transversal trade show, an art ehibition and a new space dedicated to Innovation.
Very sensitive to water issues in 2012, 1.618 is taking action to introduce the theme in the debates of this third edition. The whole event will be centred on water, referred to by 1.618 Sustainable Luxury as the source for life.

1.618 is organizing an exhibit and a participative area dedicated to Prospective Innovation. A selection of innovative, sustainable initiatives and creations will be presented to help us imagine an esthetic, livable, exciting and harmonious future!

More Info and Contacts:


Creezy Courtoy: creezy {at} 2luxury2.com + 32475779247
Costin Frunza: costin {at} 2luxury2.com
+ 407465667 13                     


International Presse BMCS: Igor Robinet: igor {at} bmcs.fr
+331 42 860001
Barbara Coignet: barbara {at} 1618-paris.com +331 42860001