The 2016 Jacques Rougerie Foundation International Competition is open

The 2016 Jacques Rougerie Foundation launches the International Competition in Architecture 2016. Imagine your future. Make your dreams real.

The 2016 Jacques Rougerie Foundation International Competition

Encourage, stimulate and reward creativity and boldness, this is the Jacques Rougerie – Space and Sea Generation Foundation – Institut de France award’s ambition. Every year the Jacques Rougerie Foundation announces an International Competition in Architecture for students and professionals passionate about sea, space and major environmental challenges.

Architects, designers, engineers, artists, urban planners are given a unique opportunity to win oneof the three prizes of the Jacques Rougerie Foundation – Institut de France by creating innovative and ambitious projects. These architectural projects based on emerging developments and aprospective vision should address some core issues of mankind: greater environmental, industrial and technical responsibilities, while taking sustainable development principles into account.

The Foundation incorporates an international multidisciplinary professional network of experts in each field of the three awards: the sea, the space and the sea level rise. The Foundation and its network enhance opportunities and promote meetings and exchange  essential to support young architects, designers, engineers and shape their projects in detail.

TheJacques Rougerie Foundation- The 2016 Jacques Rougerie Foundation International Competition is open--

“Throughout my life I gave birth to my dreams thanks to encounters with men who helped me make them come true. Without their support, many of my projects would not have been possible. Today, it is my duty to help the new generations so they benefit in turn from the support they need to build the future. It is my commitment and that of the Jacques Rougerie Foundation dedicated to space and the sea… As it is from space and the ocean that will be born the destiny of civilizations to come,” explains Jacques Rougerie, the French architect-oceanographer who specializes in underwater habitats.

The three prizes of the 2016 edition of the contest are:

“Innovation and Architecture for the Sea” Award: € 10.000
“Innovation and Architecture for Space” Award: € 10.000
“Architecture and Sea Level Rise” Award: € 10.000.

Registration is only available online on the Foundation’s website: Projects can be submitted no later than October 31, 2016.

Jacques Rougerie has created many underwater habitats, travel and research vessels. Isn’t it hard for you to imagine him, calling himself a “marine mammal”, living in a block of flats?His Parisian residence is pretty spectacular. Thanks to this fascinating program “Paris sous la Seine” on a French TV channel “NRJ12”, The Foundation invites you to take a tour of the “Péniche Saint-Paul”, Jacques Rougerie’s houseboat located on the “Seine Boulevard” with a basin and an amphibious car on board.

TheJacques Rougerie Foundation The 2016 Jacques Rougerie Foundation International Competition is open- The 2016 Jacques Rougerie Foundation International Competition is open