10 game-changing brands leading the way to a feel-good future

From the female-founded brands focusing on sexual pleasure, to the latest in CBD and ingestibles proven to help improve gut health, boost collagen and so much more: get happy with these 10 feel-good brands.

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1. THE OH COLLECTIVE: Nothing but good vibes for your top drawer.
Tired of conventional female pleasure tech that’s out of touch with your needs? Enter: female-founded The Oh Collective. Prioritising women’s sexual wellbeing, their vegan, cruelty-free products have a sleek, modern aesthetic, and are silent and easily chargeable, making them ideal for today’s multitasking lifestyles.

2. MAUDE: Redefining intimacy for a modern generation.
Founded by Éva Goicochea with actress Dakota Johnson as Co-Creative Director, Maude is the exclusive-to-Selfridges sexual wellbeing brand with a pared-back, apothecary-style aesthetic. Here for the before, during and after, their products range from USB-chargeable vibrators and all-natural libido gummies to natural massage candles (which can be poured onto the skin to boost softness once melted).

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3. LBDO: Elevated bedroom essentials designed for your pleasure.
Started in 2020, LBDO is the industry disrupter dedicated to revolutionising the experience women have with buying wellness and pleasure products. Its aptly named ‘essensuals’ start in the bathroom and end in the bedroom, re-energising every step of your intimate evening ritual, while its LBDO vitamins are rooted in ayurvedic medicine to support wellbeing and help boost – you guessed it – libido.

4. KEGG; fertility by women for women.
In a world obsessed with optimising health and wearable tech, tracking our cycle has become second nature. Unlike popular impersonal and algorithm-based apps, kegg uses advanced sensing technology to paint an intimate picture of when you are most fertile in real time, tracks your unique cycle and only needs two minutes of your time each day.

5. ANATOMĒ: A modern approach to apothecaries of old.
From its oils and supplements to its home fragrance and skincare, anatomē is formulated with botanical and essential oils to support health and wellbeing. Its extensive sleep range helps you achieve those illusive eight hours with a complete evening ritual that includes lavender essential oil, magnesium supplement, a loose tea blend and bath salts.

6. OTO: Harness the calming and restorative powers of CBD.
Created by a team of leading scientists, OTO is redefining CBD with its sophisticated products that combine high-quality botanicals – think calming butterfly pea flower and relaxing lavendar – with an optimum quantity of organically grown, pure CBD. Whether you’re looking to manage anxiety or get a good night’s sleep, its botanical pairings are designed to support you in the moment.

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The Skin Essential is an ingestible multi-active concentrate that combines antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and zinc to help improve radiance, deeply moisturise and keep blemishes at bay.

8. THE BEAUTY CHEF: Beauty begins in the belly.
Former beauty writer Carla Oates founded influencer-favourite, The Beauty Chef, from her own kitchen in 2009 to help her children with their skin issues. Her probiotic-rich and lacto-fermented formulas help improve the skin, gut health and wellbeing from the inside out.

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9. HERBY: Unleash herbal potential for health benefits.
Make your herbal tea moment work harder for your body with Herby. The superior quality herbs aid better sleep, intimacy, immunity and more, and each tea comes with a thoughtful touch depending its benefit (like the card game and ayurvedic massage oil in the S+X box).

10. APOTHÉKARY is making natural pharmaceuticals fun.
Bringing ancient science – more than 5,000 years old – to a millennial audience, Apothékary offers plant-based herbal blends (with relatable names like ‘Chill The F* Out’) to tackle everyday challenges. Its most requested blend, Stop Your Wine-ing, reduces anxiety and is great for the gut.