Zacapa Rum x Baccarat Tony Awards Cocktails for 76th Annual Tony Awards

@Zacapa Piraguas – a trio of flavorful frozen cocktails featuring Zacapa No. 23 and a twist on the iconic icy dessert

The premium sipping rum and the legendary French house will host a VIP speakeasy at the ceremony taking place at the historic United Palace in New York City.

Zacapa Rum and Baccarat are set to ignite the stage at the 76th Annual Tony Awards with their partnership, bringing the joy of Broadway, craftsmanship, and community to the forefront. As official partners of this prestigious event, these esteemed brands will create an exclusive VIP speakeasy experience at the historic United Palace in New York City, captivating the hearts and palates of attendees.

The Tony Awards, a celebration of excellence in theater, will make history this year by taking place at the iconic United Palace in Washington Heights. This location pays tribute to the vibrant culture, exceptional talent, and transformative impact of the community. In honor of this special occasion, Zacapa Rum and Baccarat have come together to curate an unforgettable evening that highlights the timeless artistry of stage acting and the united spirit of Broadway.

The Zacapa XO x Baccarat Speakeasy, an exclusive VIP experience, will transport guests into a world of opulence and sophistication. Infused with the dazzling ambiance, exquisite décor, and legendary glassware from Baccarat’s illustrious 260-year history, the space will exude the craftsmanship and heritage that both brands embody. Zacapa Rum, renowned for its ultra-premium Guatemalan rum, will collaborate with Master Mixologist Lynnette Marrero and a talented team of local mixologists to create bespoke cocktails inspired by the rich culture and sense of community found in Washington Heights. Each rum cocktail will feature Zacapa XO, the epitome of luxury within the Zacapa range, presented in delicate crystal glassware, reminiscent of a trophy celebrating the spirit of Broadway.

@Zacapa Rum and @Baccarat Celebrate the Joy of Broadway, Craft, and Community as Official Partners of the 76th Annual Tony Awards; The XO on a Cloud and Zacapa Gold Fashioned – two original Zacapa XO cocktails presented in exquisite Baccarat crystal that will be served at the 2023 Tony Awards

Sam Salameh, Vice President Breakout Growth Brands at Diageo, expresses the importance of community to Zacapa Rum, highlighting their commitment to uplifting those who contribute to their craft. Zacapa Rum is deeply rooted in Guatemala, and they actively support the local community by providing employment opportunities to 700 female artisans, empowering them with pathways to economic growth. This partnership with Baccarat and the Tony Awards allows Zacapa Rum to celebrate the craft and the incredible community that is Broadway, aligning perfectly with the brand’s values and commitment to cultural appreciation.

Adam Banfield, President and CEO of Baccarat North America, emphasizes the brand’s ability to bring light and joy to any occasion. Baccarat’s pioneering spirit and reputation for excellence make them the ideal partner for this celebration of the arts. Together with Zacapa Rum, Baccarat aims to elevate every moment of the Tony Awards, paying tribute to the spirit of Washington Heights, the city of New York, and the timeless nature of Broadway and stage acting.

In addition to the exclusive Zacapa XO x Baccarat speakeasy, Zacapa Rum will be present at the official Tony Awards after party. There, guests will have the opportunity to indulge in three additional Zacapa No. 23 serves, expertly crafted by Lynnette Marrero. The Zacapa Rum Tony Awards Cocktail Collection features a selection of extraordinary cocktails, each designed to captivate the senses and enhance the celebratory atmosphere of the evening.

@The Zacapa Rum Tony Awards cocktail collection – inventive serves that bring the spirit of Broadway and Hispanic heritage of Washington Heights to life

The XO on a Cloud cocktail combines Zacapa XO, Guatemalan Cold Brew, Pimento Bitters, and Spiced Cacao Simple Syrup, topped with a whisper of smoke, creating a decadent and unforgettable experience. The tropical-inspired Zacapa Gold Fashioned features Zacapa XO, Cinnamon Infused Agave Syrup, Banana Liqueur, and Mole Bitters, garnished with a gold gilded banana leaf. For a refreshing twist, the Zacapa Piraguas presents shaved ice topped with Zacapa No. 23 and a choice of three delightful flavors: coconut, passion fruit, or pineapple. The Palace Sparkler offers a bracing and effervescent blend of Zacapa No. 23, Lime Juice, Simple Syrup, Aromatic Bitters, and Champagne, creating a truly delightful sensation. Lastly, the Showstopper cocktail features Zacapa No. 23 with Oloroso Sherry, Simple Syrup, Yellow Chartreuse, aperitivo, and lemon juice, delivering an herbaceous classic that leaves a lasting impression.

With their shared passion for artistry, craftsmanship, and community, Zacapa Rum and Baccarat are set to create an extraordinary experience at the 76th Annual Tony Awards. By combining the finest elements of theater, luxury, and fine spirits, they aim to uplift the spirits of nominees, presenters, and enthusiasts alike, celebrating the joyous and transformative power of Broadway. As the curtain rises on this year’s Tony Awards, all eyes will be on Zacapa Rum and Baccarat as they raise a toast to the magic of the stage, the talent of the performers, and the indomitable spirit of unity and celebration.

@The Zacapa Gold Fashioned – a luxurious, tropical take on an Old Fashioned featuring Zacapa XO

@The XO on a Cloud – a decadent serve featuring Zacapa XO and topped with a whisper of smoke