These Award-Winning Restaurants in Estonia Are Worth a Flight Around The World

Thanks to last year’s Michelin Guide Estonia inaugural edition, more and more people are discovering the hidden jewel that is Estonia’s culinary scene.

NOA Chef’s Hall run by chef-owner Tõnis Siigur in Tallinn;

180° by Matthias Diether becomes the first restaurant to be awarded Two MICHELIN Stars in Estonia​​

Michelin unveiled the second edition of the MICHELIN Guide Estonia. The MICHELIN Guide’s Inspectors have spent another year travelling throughout the country in search of the best restaurants. The MICHELIN Guide Estonia 2023 recommends a total of 34 restaurants; this includes one restaurant newly promoted to Two MICHELIN Stars; one restaurant with One Michelin Star; six Bib Gourmand, which includes a new restaurant this year; and another new MICHELIN Green Star, bringing the total number of MICHELIN Green Stars to two.

Estonia offers a very appealing mix of restaurants and can boast plenty of skilled and ambitious chefs who are taking full advantage of the local produce. Now is a great time to visit if you want to take advantage of a varied and burgeoning gastronomic scene, whose quality is illustrated by the promotion of restaurant 180° by Matthias Diether.

@ 180° by Matthias Diether/

Two MICHELIN Stars are awarded for the first time in Estonia

The top story this year is the promotion of the stylish 180° by Matthias Diether from One to Two MICHELIN Stars in Tallinn. The MICHELIN Guide’s Inspectors were particularly impressed by the intricacy of the cooking, but also how the various elements all worked supremely well together. There was great technique, skill, sophistication and understanding of flavour evident in every one of the highly visual dishes.

Furthermore, NOA Chef’s Hall run by chef-owner Tõnis Siigur in Tallinn retains its One MICHELIN Star Status. Here the MICHELIN Guide’s Inspectors greatly enjoyed cooking that is accomplished and confident, resulting in dishes that are expertly balanced and very satisfying. Both these restaurants offer dining experiences that are special in every way.

@ 180° by Matthias Diether/

Newly selected restaurant Soo sees its commitment to sustainability awarded the MICHELIN Green Star.

The MICHELIN Green Star is an annual distinction which highlights within the Guide’s selection those restaurants at the forefront of the industry when it comes to their sustainable practices – restaurants which offer dining experiences that combine culinary excellence with outstanding eco-friendly commitments and are a source of inspiration both for keen foodies and the hospitality industry as a whole.

Located in Maidla and run by chef Daanius Aas, restaurant Soo is a new addition to this year’s Guide. Here at an estate being transformed into a Nature Reserve, their intimate restaurant champions local produce and is guided by very real ecological considerations. This outstanding sustainable commitment is recognized by the MICHELIN Green Star, bringing the total number of Green Star restaurants to 2 in Estonia.

NOA Chef’s Hall run by chef-owner Tõnis Siigur in Tallinn;

4 other restaurants are added to the selection

In addition to Soo, 4 other restaurants have been added to the Guide: Rado in Haapsalu, a modern, sweetly run bistro and sister restaurant to Rado in Tallinn; and Art Priori, in Tallinn, a brasserie celebrating all the French classics. You take a ferry out to Alexander on Muhu Island, where a charming house hosts the ambitious cooking; while Barbarea, in Tallinn is a bakery by day, a bistro by night and is housed within an old boot factory.

The MICHELIN Young Chef Award makes its debut in Estonia

​In addition to its restaurant selection, the MICHELIN Guide is pleased to present for the first time in Estonia its Young Chef Award. This award highlights a very promising professional whose talent and dedication have particularly impressed the MICHELIN Guide’s Inspectors over the past year.

The 2023 MICHELIN Young Chef award goes to chef Daanius Aas, from Soo restaurant. Daanius Aas works alone, cooking for five tables in this intimate restaurant that forms part of Maidla Nature Resort. His strong sustainability ethos has earnt the restaurant a MICHELIN Green Star and this, coupled with his championing of local produce and his creative yet balanced cooking make him a great ambassador for Estonian cuisine.

The Estonian restaurant selection is compiled by full-time inspectors of the MICHELIN Guide, who make their recommendations based on anonymous lunches and dinners.