Window Treatment Ideas for Luxury Homes

Silent Gliss Vertical Blind System

It’s hard to imagine your home without window blinds. Since you are in the mood to update the treatments, why not invest in new ones? Before you decide to replace the old blinds with the same old thing, why not explore your options? Here are a few tips that will help you choose the best solutions for each room.

Pleated Shades offer an excellent form of window coverings, providing light, privacy and sun control

Keep the Color Uniform

One common decorating mistake that many people make is choosing blind colors based on the different decorating choices in each room. While that looks fine from the inside, consider how that affects the look of your home from the outside. Several different blind colors in each room is not likely to create the look you have in mind.

Consider what it would to the curb appeal of your place if the living room windows sported white blinds while the dining room windows were dressed with light blue ones. When you add in some rose blinds for the bedroom facing the street, you end up with quite an array of colors. Instead of a unifying appearance, the variety of blind colors makes the home seem visually disjointed.

Remember you can pick up any colors you like in the draperies. Choose a single blind color and use it throughout the house. It won’t take away from the rooms and this one thing will certainly improve curb appeal.

Vertical Blinds by Shade-O-Matic

The Window Size

The window size also factors into your choice of blinds. A general rule that will point you in the right direction is that standard windows that do not reach to the floor typically do best with standard horizontal blinds. Larger windows, like the plate glass window next to the back door or the picture window in the living room, often look great with vertical blinds.

Remember there are always exceptions to this basic rule. For example, the back door may be flanked by a series of tall and narrow windows. You could find that instead of one larger blind to cover everything, custom-fitted vertical blinds for each window would look better.

Elite Horizontal Blinds

Blind Materials

Blinds can be made using more than one material. The goal is to choose material that provides the right texture. This may mean using different materials based on the size, location, and window type.

For example, you may find that vinyl blinds work just fine for most of your standard windows. They may also be ideal for use with the French doors separating the living and dining rooms. That leaves decisions to make about the picture windows in the living room, dining room, or den.

Those larger windows can be dressed using cloth vertical slats instead of vinyl. Make sure all the blinds are the same color and everything will come together nicely.

Don’t assume there is only one way to dress each of your windows. Take a fresh look at what you’ve done before and decide if something a little different would work in your home. Once you know how many sets of vertical and horizontal blinds are needed, it will be easy to order exactly what you want and arrange for a professional to mount them for you.

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