Wider-Pajot reveal the 145 EcoYacht, a radically innovative and ecological catamaran superyacht


We are just beginning an age of ECO awareness for yachting. Pajot and Wider Yachts reveal 44.1m Eco Yacht sailing catamaran. 

@Pajot-Wider 44.1m Eco Yacht sailing catamaran; @pajotyachts.com

After unveiling the “Eco yacht” project back in June, French sailor and entrepreneur Marc Pajot is announcing a collaboration with the Italian shipyard Wider for the construction of a radically innovative and ecological catamaran superyacht.

Masterminded by the French sailing legend, last year saw the launch of the highly innovative and groundbreaking 115ft EcoYacht catamaran from Pajot Yachts. The perfect project partner for this revolutionary aluminium and carbon catamaran was identified as Ancona-based Wider.

This partnership has consolidated into the Wider-Pajot ECO yacht series with a new 145ft development adding more volume, deck space and performance. Alongside this new model, the design team at Pajot Yachts now offer more customisation on both designs with helm and galley positions and configurations.

@Pajot-Wider 44.1m Eco Yacht sailing catamaran

Marc Pajot sees massive benefits in creating this partnership with Wider, especially working with their CEO Marcello Maggi who has carved out an enviable position in the hybrid superyacht market as the ‘go to’ expert in hybrid power solutions for all sizes of yachts.

Marc remarks, ”The synergy with what I have been developing with our ECO catamaran and the superyachts produced by Wider is exceptional. Now with the new 145ft model becoming available, it augments the larger monohull hybrid superyachts that are built at the Wider Ancona shipyard. The ECO credentials are now an important factor in the expectations and demands from the new eco-aware yachting customer. Adding leading edge hybrid power-train technology developed by Wider and their specialist technical partners and suppliers, has created a unique yachting opportunity and experience”.

@Pajot-Wider 44.1m Eco Yacht sailing catamaran; @pajotyachts.com

Hybrid power options can come in many technical configurations, from the basic sources such as diesel generators and more exotic electrical power systems. Following from this is the need for Power Management Systems and the electric propellor drive arrangements. This whole package is being provided by the partnership with Wider, Marcello Maggi takes up the story: ”ECO yachting and hybrid power technology is an area of expertise we have been developing for over a decade now and has been demonstrated and proven by launching innovative yachts for appreciative owners.

I refer to this vision as ‘Born-Electric’. In addition we have developed the Wider Electric Management System, a unique solution to efficiently manage the electrical requirements for our yachts and now the Wider-Pajot ECO yacht. Our expertise in the hybrid yacht market is clearly demonstrated by our collection of industry awards, including the RINA Green Plus”.

Marcello continues: ”We are just beginning an age of ECO awareness for yachting as a whole and Wider will be at the leading edge of this technology at all times, from hydrogen power to the dawn of new power sources such as Thermionic Converters. I am personally very excited about our partnership with Marc Pajot and his exceptionally talented team. Together we will build some spectacular ECO hybrid catamarans, setting a new benchmark on the oceans”.

@Pajot-Wider 44.1m Eco Yacht sailing catamaran; @pajotyachts.com