Why and Where to Study Business: Tips from Field Experts




Harvard Business School, along with other colleges that prepare entrepreneurs and marketing specialists, is full of students nowadays. They upgrade their classes with new tech and add up-to-date disciplines to the list of courses. One research shows that 1/3 of recruiters and HR staff think that they have increased their requirements for academic background over the decade. It means that you have to be very lucky or persuasive to get the job without a proper diploma.

Such experts believe that only modernized business schools can help young specialists to gain the skills necessary for business. Some of the applicants are forced to get a second degree, and they usually choose one in business. But why?

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Learning How to Market Is the Key

Marketing 101 is part of any MBA course, and it teaches students to sell things. This skill will be valuable in any life situation. It is not about knowing how to sell just any good – it is about knowing how to sell yourself as well.

Competent marketing experts share ideas to motivate young people, while political candidates set up campaigns to make the electors vote for them. Each of them may require certain marketing skills to succeed. Without having no idea whom your target audience consists of, you risk failing almost everything that you do in your life.

Do you need to get buy-in from your fellows or potential investors? It is all about advertising goods or services to them. Marketing classes will help you to succeed.

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Skills That Matter in Everyone’s Life

While studying business in college or special school, a student may gain a certain set of skills required in various fields. From management & leadership to accounting & statistics, you will only benefit from applying that knowledge in real life. Also, the skills nowadays are taught from global perspectives as many markets go worldwide. Students of MBA will even master the basics of search engine optimization and web development in their computer science classes. They will also learn how to work with different business applications these days.

Such students also develop meaningful research and writing skills. Some of the tools that might come in useful are an essay writing service uk or plagiarism detecting apps. Whenever you decide to select another career path in the future, you may use the skills gained in business school to transfer easily. The major skills that you will obtain are:

  • Powerful communication skills
  • Research and development
  • Critical thinking
  • Leadership
  • Time management
  • Organizational structure
  • Decision-making
  • Analysis
  • Writing
  • Problem-solving
  • Presentation and speech
  • Project/Product management
  • Social media marketing
  • Accounting & statistics
  • Financial data interpretation
  • Search engine optimization
  • Marketing and PR
  • Programming and coding, etc.

That is not even the complete list. Do you see how useful this degree might be for your professional development? If yes, we have the last words to share with you.

Choosing the Right Business School

If you want more than a Bachelor’s, you might want to have a look at the recently published QS Business Masters Rankings. There, you will find the best places to earn a Master’s in business analytics and management. London Business School and Columbia Business School are just some of the cool options.

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