Volant ski helmet – Haute Couture for the slopes

Volant is a premium ski maker that fulfill the highest aesthetic expectations. This Volant ski helmet is an example of Haute Couture for the slopes. Highquality, elegant and expressive. Like the Volant ski equipment.

Whereas conventional helmets are the result of racing safety, Volant creates a new design standard. The combination of authentic style and and maximum security for the user. The Volant ski helmet for him/her is ultra light and features a duo shell with the finest leather trim and a soft fur lining making it very warm with a removable suede collar.

In 2010 Volant developed with Infiniti 100 limited edition ski packs, featuring the specially-made Infiniti-branded Volant skis for all ski-aficionado customers. Created for the skier with style and a feel for quality.