Anima Sonora by Studio Bizzarro – bathroom with scenography

If it is not inspiring you, at least it makes you dream. Anima Sonora is a bathroom concept that combines scenography, luxurious materials and elegant design. This bathroom signed by Studio Bizzarro was presented for the first time at the House & Spa Design 2010Anima Sonora (Soul Sound) comes to embody harmony in pure forms, simple; harmony trough a match of materials, glass, wood and stone; harmony in subtle game of the senses: sight, hearing, touch, harmony of elements: water, earth and fire.

The house, today, is for us to place absolute harmony, a private space in which the soul gives herself peace, serenity and sweetness, where the care of the body and ones inner self are inextricably linked together. 

When social relationships become frantic, complex, continuing source of mental fatigue, taking refuge in the space of your own home becomes essential, the intimacy of the domestic world is a source of regeneration, since our life forces us to think and act quickly not to step back .

Soul Sound is home to water and music, both of them sources of wellness intended primarily as a spiritual one and the same time here, in this place, intended as real elements perfectly united in harmony. 

The invisible hand of technology makes the place of wellness once again wonderful and it surprise without being revealed; it runs to hit the eye but most of all the mind and it deeply touches, by the harmony of sound, our deepest side: the heart.