Unparalleled Drive: Philippe Briand Unveils Design of New Jeanneau SO 440

Jeanneau Sailboats announced the launch of the 8th generation of the SUN ODYSSEY range that will be unveiled at the upcoming autumn boats shows. The French boatyard in Les Herbiers, in the Vendée département, which has produced yachts since 1957 wants to offer the most innovative and comfortable range of sailboats on the market with 3 new models:

NEW JEANNEAU SO 440-gallery-The new SUN ODYSSEY 440 and SUN ODYSSEY 490, that redefine movement aboard and designed in collaboration with BRIAND Yacht Design and PIATON BONET Yacht Design;

– The new SUN ODYSSEY 319, dubbed “the perfect family cruiser.”

Making life onboard the boat easier and more comfortable for owners and guests is the quest of each naval designer. Some even might presume that all avenues of design for leisure boats have been explored, with few innovations left to discover. However, Philippe Briand‘s pioneering work has unveiled three distinct new ways in which the Jeanneau SO 440’s layout and naval architecture is reimagined.

Firstly, the hull form’s inspiration from scow-hulled working boats, which have squared-off forward sections, offers an unparalleled beam towards the bow of the vessel. This provides the owner’s cabin with a generous and luxurious volume not seen on any other boats in this size range.

NEW JEANNEAU SO 440-dusk ph briand photos

“Space has become very restricted to the stern of boats as owners expect a lot of features here, so I looked for space in the bow, inspired by the Mini 6.50s with their scow-shaped bows, to bring the maximum beam forwards and increase the interior volume without losing performance,” explained Briand.

Secondly, thanks to a lack of barriers between the cockpit and the deck, and a gentle sloping of the deck towards the stern, movement is unimpeded by steps or obstacles. This improves circulation in day-to-day use as well as improves safety for guests onboard.

NEW JEANNEAU SO 440-interior NEW JEANNEAU SO 440-aft

Thirdly, in a completely new and patented feature, a “transformer” cockpit backrest has been developed for the SO 440, offering protection within the cockpit as well as an elevated vantage point from the helm. This backrest can be pivoted 90 degrees from vertical to a horizontal position, so lying flat to offer a full-beam 330% extension of the overall cockpit zone to the rear.

“The new generation of Sun Odysseys reflects harmony on board, and this well-being flows from a clever ergonomic design.The new Sun Odyssey 440 benefits from an entirely new, innovative layout for greater ease of movement about the boat. At once seaworthy and welcoming, cosy and sporty, masculine and feminine, the Sun Odyssey 440 is as attractive on the interior as on the exterior,” says the shipyard.

Jeanneau Sailboats and Powerboats New 2018 models

Jeanneau Powerboats, Innovation and Product Development

Jeanneau alos announced the new powerboats models to be unveiled at the upcoming autumn shows. The new modesl are designed in collaboration with GARRONI Design, SARRAZIN Design and MICKAËL PETERS Yacht Design. Jeanneau Powerboats endeavours to offer the most comprehensive range of inboard and outboard boats with 5 new models:

  • the new NC 33, designed for comfortable and harmonious cruising,
  • the new CAP CAMARAT 9.0 WA, a sporty boat with a family-friendly spirit, and will be followed by
  • the new CAP CAMARAT 9.0 CC later in the season,
  • the new CAP CAMARAT 7.5 BR, the new reference within the BOW RIDER line,
  • the new MERRY FISHER 875 MARLIN, who completes the 2018 offer.
    NEW JEANNEAU SO 440-interior suite NEW JEANNEAU SO 440-interior spaces-2 NEW JEANNEAU SO 440-interior spaces- NEW JEANNEAU SO 440-interior spaces NEW JEANNEAU SO 440- NEW JEANNEAU SO 440