Transvox – a solution for the language barrier

Lest face it : the world is a big place with so many cultures and languages being spoken.

There are over 1.5 billion Chinese speaking people, over 500 million English speakers, over a billion Indians and 150 million Russians and the rest.

That’s a lot of people and a lot of conversations, Problem is, 99% of them can’t understand each other.

The language barrier is one of the biggest hurdles man has yet to overcome. We’ve put rockets into space, landed men on the moon, built computers smaller than ants and created weapons capable of destroying the entire human race.

So why haven’t we been able to create a high quality and robust tool that allows an English business man to talk with a Chinese investor or a French banker to an Indian developer?

Hundreds of millions of people worldwide including bankers, sales executives, policemen, hoteliers, travel agents, government officials, hospital staff, business people and consumers waste their valuable time trying to sell, negotiate, teach, inform, listen and simply chat with other people who don’t speak their native language

The only credible approach has been to use an army of expensive translators capable of bridging the language and culture gap.

To this end Prognosis UK Ltd, have developed their TransVox application  ( see the movie above ) to encourage communication and for people to converse with people from all over the world without language being a barrier. We are not aiming at eliminating translators as there will always be a need for them we are merely trying to encourage communication and helping to bridge the language gap.

Our professional services create domain specific lexicons for government agencies and institutions that can dramatically increase the quality of translations.

With TransVox Chat, you can translate on your device so you can communicate with a receptionist at an airport or hotel, a waiter in a bar or restaurant or ask someone directions.

A doctor at a hospital needs information from a patient but there’s no interpreter available, a policemen needs to ask someone questions who has just been violently assaulted or a government officer in an interview needs information from a housing applicant. All these scenarios can be supported/solved using TransVox Chat as an interpretation tool.

Just imagine being somewhere and you see a nice guy/girl but don’t have the language skills to communicate, what a great ice breaker to use a tool like TransVox to say something to them and get that conversation started and keep that relationship ongoing (using on device, IM and Call).

We provide TransVox Instant Messenger so that you can chat in real time with colleagues, friends and potential friends anywhere in the world; the translation is done automatically once you have selected the contact you wish to instant message with.

TransVox Call, allows you to make and receive calls from any TransVox user anywhere around the world in any language that we have currently available.

Available languages are; Afrikaans, Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (HK), Chinese (TWN) English UK, English USA, English CN, English IN, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese BR, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

Atiq Rehman – Founder Prognosis UK Ltd- “We are providing a new and innovative solution which allows for not just on device translation but an instant messenger and voice calls for translation”

We are currently looking for investors who believe and also see our vision of Encouraging Global Communication, for more information please email .