Top ten cities offering cut price five-star accommodation

As prices tumble, luxury hotel rooms more affordable than ever

The latest Hotel Price Index (HPI) published by travel website reveals the top ten cities worldwide where you can enjoy five-star accommodation for £100 per room per night.

Alison Couper, communications director at, said: “The best rooms in the world have never been so affordable according to our data and travellers can get far more for their holiday money this year than they have for a long time – the average price of a hotel room is back at 2004 levels.

“With such low prices and some great deals around, travellers can enjoy a night in the lap of luxury for less than ever.”

Top ten cities offering cut price five-star accommodation:
1. Lisbon
2. Marrakech
3. Melbourne
4. Mexico City
5. Pisa
6. Sao Paulo
7. Toronto
8. Warsaw
9. Prague
10. Tallinn


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