Top suit considerations for Royal Ascot

Top suit considerations for Royal Ascot

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Royal Ascot is on the horizon and spectators will be flocking to the event for a flutter or two, while displaying the latest fashion trends.

A study carried out by the racecourse suggests that £34 million was spent on outfits for the occasion, with the horse racing taking back seat to the action in the stands – where men and women will be sampling the latest offers from the top designers in the world.

It’s easy to forget in all the uproar of the weird and wonderful fashion trends that there is a prestigious race happening on the track.

Many of the leading brands will set you back more than a few quid; fortunately, at Ascot, you’re in the right place to earn a chunk of cash to offset what you spend on your new gear.

Therefore it’s worth considering the best new offer, such as the bet £10 get £40 available via The Winners Enclosure, to keep track of the main contenders for the meetings that will take place over the five days of the event.

With the right punt, it may well cover the cost of the leading brands. We’ll now take a look at some of the best suits available that fit into the regulations of the vibe at Ascot.

Top suit considerations for Royal Ascot - 2017 Hugo Boss Regular-fit suit in virgin wool

Hugo Boss

You can never go wrong with Hugo Boss for a quality suit and their new style of Housten/Glorious provides a sharp look for the event. Made with virgin wool, the black suit is comfortable and meets the requirements laid out by the racecourse.

The price of £600 may sound steep, but with the potential of winning a fair share of money back, it’s certainly a worthwhile investment. The looks of Hugo Boss never tend to go out of fashion, handing longevity as well as style for the years to come.

Boss provide a matching waistcoat and leather derby shoes for an additional cost, but to look sharp for the event it’s certainly a price worth paying.

Top suit considerations for Royal Ascot - 2017 - Moss Bros Royal Ascot Regular Fit Three Piece Morning Suit

Moss Bros

For the traditional Ascot look, the Moss Bros are the brand to venture with for the event. The company offers a morning black coat with tails, combined with a grey waistcoast and pinstriped trousers of the same colour.

A white shirt and paisley tie complete the package, with everything bar your shoes and hat included. It’s sharp look with complementary colours, maximising the aesthetics of the suit. For £499, it’s certainly one that should be used for regular trips to the racecourse, with the additional add-on of a top hat for £219.

However, when dressed to the nines and the potential to earn a wedge of your cash back, it could be well worth the expense.

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