Today’s Top Luxury Gadgets

When it comes to a love for new technology there’s no better way of expressing said love than getting the newest gadget. As technology companies’ deft use of Moore’s Law continues unabated, the gadgets we now use in our everyday lives are getting quicker, smarter and packed with more and more excellent features. This is all fine and good; however there are some among us that simply can’t bear having a ‘regular’ gizmo, instead opting for a far more luxurious, feature-heavy piece of kit. With these people in mind, we thought it best to craft a definitive list of the top luxury gadgets available today!

Emperor LX Chair

If you want to recreate the Tie-Fighter-shooting scene in Star Wars, the Emperor LX Chair is your best bet! The Chair, a touch-screen controlled workstation that comes complete with three monitors, a laptop, drinks holder and ergonomic chair that also has the capacity to ionically filter the air and change its lighting to reduce stress, costs $21,000 and is an utterly ridiculous, amazing contraption!

Stelle Audio Pillar

Speakers are pretty much a one-look piece of kit. Black, air holes and the speakers themselves; what more could be done to our favourite audible accessories? The Stelle Audio Pillar is designed to do just that, completely re-writing the rules on speaker technology. The beautiful speaker, a deliciously designed, incredibly unassuming piece of kit, comes at a surprisingly fair $349 and can be customised.

Swarovski Brilliance Elite

Utilising the already-excellent iPhone 6, the Swarovski Brilliance Elite smartphone is a wonder to behold; alongside 128 GB of memory and Apple’s A8 processor, the phone comes with a 24 carat gold cover and fine crystals set in to the bottom, back and bezel of the phone.

The Elite is good for any task you can throw at it. If you’re a fan of using your phone to view up-to the minute sports news and odds of the like shown on bettingsports, then this phone is just for you, thanks a blisteringly fast refresh rate and a beefy Wi-Fi capability; you’ll never be caught out by your more learned sports-loving friends again, and will have fast access to odds that might even pay for the phone itself! These features that are also great for gamers blasting away over the Apple Gaming store, gossipy social media lovers and business users concerned with the need for up-to-the-minute data, oh, and did we mention it’s covered in diamonds!

Hendo Hoverboard

You’ve probably already seen it; after all, practically everyone has seen Back to the Future 2 or/and also is completely enthralled by the notion of a freakin’ hoverboard; but this next item on our luxury list, the Hendo Hoverboard, simply cannoy be ignored. The space-age skateboard features four ‘hover engines’ strapped to the bottom of the board that create an opposing magnetic field to the surface upon which the board is floating. Unfortunately this means that you have to be skating on a non-ferromagnetic conductor (a metal sheet) though the company has the aim to eventually create a board that will float on any surface!