Space tourism: to the Moon and back as early as in 2015

 Excalibur Almaz prepares tourist-trips to the moon.

Excalibur Almaz, a commercial aerospace company based on the Isle of Man, British Isles, announced that the company prepares tourist-trips to the moon. Excalibur Almaz will offer the affordable and reliable transportation of humans and cargo to Low Earth Orbit, libration point, the Moon and beyond. Tickets to the moon will cost $150 million.

As competition mounts in the new space race, Excalibur Almaz benefits from its high degree of technical readiness. This advantage includes already achieving nine successful Reusable Return Vehicle (RRV) Capsule flights, reentries and soft landings with one RRV being flight-tested three times in space and one RRV staying in orbit attached to a Salyut Space Station for 175 days. Numerous other ground and flight tests have also been performed on Excalibur Almaz’s RRV Capsules with each RRVexpected to be reusable for up to 15 spaceflights.

EA’s large Salyut-type space stations are equivalent to modules flown in space on every space station since 1972. The Salyut-type modules on the Salyut-7 Space Station, Russian MIR Space Station and the Zarya module currently on the International Space Station have been proven during many thousands of hours on orbit

Excalibur Almaz core space services will include passenger sales, crew & cargo transportation, payload transportation,deployment & recovery, tele-science & microgravity research, remote sensing and geological evaluations & mapping.Additional services will include charter missions, advertising & sponsorship opportunities, entertainment and astronaut training.