Three Trendy Ways to Look and Feel Younger In 2022

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The past few years have had a physical and mental impact on many of us. The stress of dealing with the pandemic, providing childcare, and transitions at work like working from home or masking and social distancing in the workplace may have made you feel like you’ve aged a great deal in a short amount of time.

If you are just returning to work after having spent a lot of time at home, you may not have been paying very much attention to your appearance and suddenly realized that you could use a refresh. Thankfully, there are some very attainable ways to start fresh with a younger appearance in 2022.

Give Your Skin a Refreshing Glow

Eye bags are one of the most noticeable ways that people look older. They can be very hard to hide with makeup or at-home fixes. While cucumbers over the eyes may have done the job in the past, you may find that nothing you try is getting rid of your undereye bags now.

Luckily, a growingly popular technique known as microneedling, which can be performed by medical facilities such as the Institute of Natural Health, can do a lot to reduce eye bags and make your eyes look significantly younger and refreshed. Micro-needling can reduce wrinkles under the eyes and increase collagen levels (and who isn’t looking for more collagen these days?). It is a simple procedure that doesn’t hurt and can take effect within only a few days.

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Play with Style

One of the things that can make you look outdated is a style that doesn’t change. It can be hard to mess around with your personal style when you believe that you have found something that works and are comfortable, but simply the fact that you haven’t changed your style can make you look older.

Flip through the latest volume of Vogue, skim through your favorite celebrities’ Instagram feeds, and take some time to play around with your personal style to try out something new. You may be amazed by how easily you can take off the years just by putting a little more though into your outfits.

Take Up a New Hobby

Sometimes, the best way to look younger is to feel younger. A new hobby can be invigorating. Finding something that you have fun doing can make you seem brighter, more alert, and as a result, younger. It doesn’t matter very much what hobby you explore, as long as it gives you pleasure and gets you excited to get out of the house and your comfort zone and try something new. You might even meet a few new people as a result of your new hobby.

Make 2022 Your Year

The past couple of years have been hard on just about everybody. If you feel that you’ve aged more in the last two years than you expected, you’re not alone. Thankfully, there’s a lot you can do to look and feel younger this year and get back to your energetic self!