This performance luxury mega RIB is an ideal super-yacht tender and chase-boat

The true 45 ft. vessel is designed to travel long distances, in any kind of weather conditions. Performance, seaworthiness and maneuverability are the indispensable strengths of the yard from Alimos and their flagship Omega 41 fully lives up to expectations.

technohull omega 41 RIB

Omega 41 is the name given to the Technohull flagship, a performance luxury mega RIB that combines the concepts of versatility, performance, high quality detailing and finishings – all in a single model.

Some of the most important international shipyards have already chosen the Omega 41 as the chase-boat for their units, thanks to the RIB’s smart and customizable design and lay-out.

Performance and high efficiency make any Technohull the ideal RIBs for those who want to take the weekend off and not worry about the distance to cover, primarily thanks to their ability to take on the most difficult weather and sea states in complete safety and comfort even with a numerous crew.

technohull omega 41 RIB- technohull omega 41 RIB on water

Technohull Omega 41 – a 13.2 meters “toy for boy”, with a 3.4 meter beam, exploits a two-step deep-V hull shape, for exceptional performance in any weather. A smooth ride over the waves at high speed and in complete safety is always assured. The deck layout is the creation of the Greek designer Alexandros Liaskovitis and his Milan based studio, specialized in high luxury ambient that stand out for their incredible attention to detail. The hinge-point of the Technohull Omega 41 design is the modern center console, sheltered by a sporty T-top that perfectly protects the two wrap-around shockproof seats and can also mount solar panels.

The cockpit features a state-of-the-art electronic console supported by a central monitor able to control all the devices on board
easily. The forward zone includes a spacious storage space, hidden under an extra-large sunbathing area, and a comfortable seat forward of the console. The Technohull versatility concept becomes clear when aft with the different seating concepts available for the owner to choose.

These options offer various levels on a sporting theme and all include a large sunbathing area with a comfortable central passage to the stern platform. Another outstanding option is the mobile kitchen that includes a sink and burners. The design of the Omega 41 console let the yard’s team create spacious interiors that includes an enclosed bathroom: an aesthetic choice that will satisfy both the most performance oriented owners and their wives, thanks to the use of high quality materials and finishings.

technohull omega 41 RIB on water - red
Several propulsion options are available – first of all this year’s new out-board engine version. Here the owner can choose a triple engine 350hp or 400hp option (and the yard is studying the possibility to mount four 400hp engines) that can deliver a top speed of 80 miles per hour and a cruising speed of 50 mph for the Omega 41. If the owner prefers the inboard engine propulsion system, the yard offers two options: two 350 HP engines or two 400 HP engines. Here too performance is exceptional, with top speeds close to 65 mph and cruising speeds of 45 mph. These characteristics make the Omega 41 ideal for covering long distances without sacrificing comfort or pleasure.

technohull omega 41 technohull omega 41 RIB interior technohull omega 41 rear technohull omega 41 RIB on water - red- technohull omega 41 RIB on water -