There Are No Design Restrictions: Meet The Most Luxurious Closet Collection

@BT45; This collection was presented for the first time at KBIS 2023 in Las Vegas.

BauTeam, the manufacturer of Award-winning Luxury Kitchens and  from Germany, presented the most luxurious closet collection at KBIS 2023 show in Las Vegas, the premier Kitchen & Bath event of the year.

“Inspired by our love of luxury sports cars, this collection is unique to the BT45.‎ Imagine that you are driving a two-seater somewhere on the Cote d’Azur.‎ Imagine a luxurious interior, the pleasant smell of natural leather, which is soft and smooth to the touch.‎ The same feeling can be experienced at home.‎ ” said the manufacturer of tailored quality kitchens ‘Made in Germany’.

The history of this collection is truly unique and shows that there are no problems for which innovative German engineering could not find a solution.‎

When designing furniture for a luxury yacht in 2020, BT45 was faced with three main requirements: the furniture must scream “luxury”, but at the same time be light in weight to install on a yacht, and also withstand sea humidity.‎ The production capabilities of BT45 made it possible to create such a material without a single particle of wood, extremely light and durable.‎

This line of stitched leather door fronts is completely custom: designers can choose any leather color and combine it with their choice of thread, specifying the thread color and thickness.‎

Glass doors can be supplied in sizes up to 3 meters long and 80 cm wide, which is taller and wider than the industry standard.‎ This gives the customer additional storage space and convenience.‎ The hinges used for glass doors allow them to open 180 degrees for greater ease of use.‎


Jewelry display cases can be specially designed to meet customer needs: watch winders, sunglasses display cases, hidden safes, gun storage and so on.‎

There are no design restrictions in this line of cabinets.‎ Any weird design challenge will be accepted.‎ Floating cabinets? – No problem.‎ Storage for 500 bottles of perfume? – Of course! Hidden Panic Room? – Of course.‎ Any strange request can be fulfilled by our design and production teams.‎